Nestle chief warns rising price could spark new food riots

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    The head of the world's biggest food company has warned rising food prices could trigger food revolts like they did in 2008.

    Swiss giant Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck told an Austrian newspaper rising prices were a product of a growing world population, the rise of a middle class in countries like India that is keen to eat more meat, and the increasing demand for water.

    Comparing the situation to 2008 when food riots took place in many countries Mr Brabeck said: 'The situation is similar. This has become the new reality.'
    The riots three years ago were triggered when the price of cereals reached historic levels and created outcry and crisis in many African nations as well as in Haiti and the Philippines.

    In September the UN food agency's food price index came in at 225 points, just higher than the peak it hit in June 2008. It is down from the record 237.7 points hit in Febr
    Mr Brabeck said: 'Food prices have reached a level that is substantially higher than before. They will probably settle down at these levels.'

    'Of course you feel this differently if you live in a developing country and spend 80 percent of your income on food compared to here, where it is maybe eight per cent.'
    Rising food prices are believed to have contributed to the 'Arab Spring' unrest in the Middle East this year.

    article-2046816-0E4B7E3700000578-603_468x286. Fear: March through the streets of Cape Town in protest against high food, fuel and electricity prices in 2008

    Mr Brabeck pledged to reach the company's growth goals but said it was increasingly difficult.
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    buy lots of seed. lots and lots of bulk stuff like rice and wheat and dont tell a soul....
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    Cake, anyone ?
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    Wait. Africans and Haitians buy lots of cereal? It is a significant portion of their diet?

    A) That is just plain stupid. If they do it's gotta be Fruit Loops they are buying.
    B) If they have money for cereal, why are we (tax payers) sending them bazillions of dollars and thousands of tons of food every year?

    . . . . something stinks here . . . gotta be something I'm missing . . . [loco]
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    Um...cereal grains...raw...not boxes of processed cereal! Those are the thousands of tons of food we ship them each year. Although, a freighter full of Froot Loops would be fricken awesome! And enough milk to go with...

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    Lordy, what an awesome thought.... "A freighter full of Fruit Loops, and a Tanker of Chocolate Milk.... Steaming up the channel.....[LMAO][touchdown][dancindevil][rockon][lolol]b::[ROFL]
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    Can I have my freighter full of fruity pebbles instead or maybe Boo Berry. I love Boo Berry!
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