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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BAT1, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. BAT1

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    I just got a new Stevens/Savage 200 in .308, a new 4x12x40 scope and a Choate sniper stock. Going out to the range next weekend with it to break er in. The Stevens is a great value, for 319.00. .75 " groups at 100 yds. So, I'll be looking for some new dies too. Varget will handle my .223 69 gr SMK and the .308.169 SMK Very good gun for the money. Now for the brass.
  2. Blackjack

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    Didn't know they we're that inexpensive...... Be sure to give us a range report.
  3. Ommega

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    Good choice of gun, but a friend got one with a free scope that gave him much trouble. The gun was the winner over all for accuracy but the scope was free and worth every penny :)

    When you do your 25 yard thing at the range this weekend, bring along several brands of ammo to compare how they do in your new toy.

    You'll be able to test for resident frequency match of the one brand that should produce the tightest groups.
    I was told that the best ammo came from South of the boarder and has a MDS cote. Good luck finding a store that may carry the good stuff.

    Also, let me pass on another good tip for all you hot shots out there in cyberspace!

    Try cleaning the bore with a polymer car polish before going to test your new toys.
    Do NOT use grease or oil inside the bore. (Dynamic drag, fouling and premature wear)

    Make your self very comfortable and find a natural point of aim by closing your eyes while on target and then wiggle into your natural hold. Now open your eyes and then adjust your body to be on center. Now repeat the process again until you have established the best comfort.

    Have a spotter have you try to call your shots as you tell him first where you thing you may have pull from center.

    Also have him load for you and NOT tell you if the gun was loaded with a live or dummy round. If you have flinched it will show when you pull the trigger on an empty chamber :)

    Good luck with your new toy!
    Your Bud,

  4. ghrit

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    Now, THAT sounds Appleseedish. Very good advice on marksmanship and bore care. I'd add that a hundred rounds or so should settle her down quite a bit. [winkthumb]
  5. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Thanks for the info on the bore treatment. Should I clean after every shot for 10 rounds and after 5 thereafter to 20?. I'll break it in with the factory stock. These are a real value, and have execellent range reports. I had a 7mm WSM, but it was too expensive to shoot. Always wanted a .308
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    Thanks for the info on the bore treatment.
    Your very welcome!
    Should I clean after every shot for 10 rounds and after 5 thereafter to 20?.
    A quick story first....While helping with the Camp Perry competition I got the idea to try using polish from another top shooter that I was sharing info with.
    When I got home ( .22" group @ 100yds ) I cleaned the AR-15 H-Bar with polish and took it out for a spin.
    To my surprise I could see NO fouling in the bore and the first cleaning patch came out spotless, so I ran another patch with Hoppies #9 and it to came out without any sign of fouling or blue stain from the copper. It looked as though it had not been fired at all!
    Stranger then fiction, but true!
    Please let me know if you have the same results with your test.
    I'll break it in with the factory stock. These are a real value, and have excellent range reports. I had a 7mm WSM, but it was too expensive to shoot. Always wanted a .308
    Long range shooting tip....
    Your scope must be close and in a perfect plumb to the bore as possible. Back away from the scope to show the dark ring and keep it centered.
    A rubber extension for the back and a sun tube on the front of your scope will help.
    Don't believe the myth about a free floating barrel. You'll need to dampen as well as tune the barrel vibrations and try to match or tune the frequency by either crowning the barrel to match the bullet or by finding the right bullet that will compliment the barrels length.
    Also many folks believe that a 22-250 is an accurate gun because of it's higher velocity. The same folks wonder why most pistols seam to need readjusting to each shooter.
    Hear is part of the answer....Lighter higher speed bullets exit the muzzle in a condensed time frame that will help minimize the shooters inconsistencies in their ability to hold a secure grip. The trick is to hold as true as possible about five pounds of pressure back into you shoulder as you hold the same downward with your forearm.(anchor you elbow to your side)
    Let me know if it helps.
    Your Bud,
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    I hope you new 308 is everything you hope it will be Bat1. I wish you the best breaking it in, personally I'm not a real firm believer in that but thats what opinons are for. Hope everything works out great for ya.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  8. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Ok, got it out to the range today and used some Mother's polymer car wax down the barrel before firing. It cleaned out the factory test fire residues and did the same thing to my .45 H/G. I'll see if that helps. It definitely has a floated barrel, the three dollar bills go all the way down to the chamber. Put a Limb saver slip on recoil pad off my S/G on it and we will break it in. I'll be putting a Choate sniper stock on it later. The shooter's edge 4x12x40 scope is clear as a bell. I'll see if it stands the recoil. Got 1" groups with Federal AE 150's and some 147 Win ammo. Darn nice groups for the money. Got 200.00 in this rifle. Hogs and Deer beware!
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