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    We welcome our second son, Grayson Thomas to the world yesterday morning.
    The weather was a little chilly, around 48 deg, wind blowing about 7mph, with gust to 11 mph, chance of rain which we needed but never received since I had just planted winter seed for our animals to forage. We got only a couple hours sleep part of which was my wife's fault. My wife did a fabulous job of caring our son for 39 weeks(working daily up to the day before and going to bingo till 22:00 hrs) without incident. We arrive at the hospital at 0510 and made our way to the pediatric section on the third floor. We arrive and await our usher to our room. While in the waiting room with our blankets, pillows and supplies that we brought with us to make us more comfortable for our little stay. I start to think about things that I need to do!!!! We had a photographer come for the birth of this child, I did the first born and must have took 2000 pics(still haven't gone through all of them and that was 3 1/2 yrs ago). We finally got all the approvals in order to let the photographer in the delivery room. I was able to be apart of every little detail since I wasn't running around with a camera snapping pictures. At 07:34 Grayson was "Bourne" and we had another handsome son in our arms. My wife decided to have her tubes tied at the first meeting when we found out she was pregnant so this was done while the 'c'section was open and after the baby was delivered. After all was said and done, I reflect back on our experience and think about what if all this had to be done in a shtf scenario, would we have to tools, the technology and pain meds. In some way I am comforted to know that we won't have to worry about that now, but also sad that I know this is our last child. This rush of thoughts and ideas of what prompt me to write this post.
    Natural selection is a bitch in today's ideal, but in reality in removes the weak. Has humanity created our own problem. Did god know this would happen, did we just not listen, did we teach the wrong teachings. Technology has it's strong points, I agree, but after shtf, nature will soon take its course and begin correcting the balance of human and natural power.
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    It does not have to be the end of the line, if you change your minds. Tubes can be "untied" in most cases, if the need is great (a buddy of mine had the process reversed, so they could have children with his second wife.) And there is also adoption. There are many kids that would fill a gap in your lives, and a void in your heart.
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    First, congratulations on having been blessed with a new baby !
    Second, having enjoyed many of your posts there is no doubt in my mind your will raise your sons right, with good morals and all the skills necessary for a fruitful and successful life. The love and mutual respect of a healthy family relationship is something many in this world want for. Enjoy them while they are still small as they grow much too quickly.

    You have things no amount of money can buy and this makes you a wealthy man.[coo]
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    Welcome to the world, Gray Tom. For a while, your dad will have to fetch the bananas for you and teach you how NOT to snatch Falcon's nanners.

    But seriously, Pk, congrats to you and momma.
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    Congratulations... and best of luck... babies are a welcome distraction from the outside world...
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    Congratulations PK and be of good cheer. You have another healthy child and I assume healthy wife. These are blessings to be counted.
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    I am truly blessed and rest assured I know that, I have another reason be more "educated" and organized. Thank you all for the kind words, they are appreciated.
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    congrats on the new addition to your family.
  9. Sapper John

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    Congratulations @Pineknot ! My best wishes to you and yours!
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    Congratulations @Pineknot and family. A new baby boy~ a joyous event. I am sure you older son will have fun with his new brother in the future. May your wife have a speedy recovery.
  11. Pineknot

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    All is healthy and well, mom is recovering great, a little sore but can be expected. Older brother is so excited and caring and baby is taking to breast feeding very well and is perfect, truly miracles are the miracle of life and it is great to experience. Thanks to all for the kind thoughts and words. Glad to be part of the monkey family.
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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416366295.618035. meet the little one monkeys
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    Well that bundle just melted my heart. What a sweet blessing.
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