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    I came acros a Item thats new to me but may not be new to you... Gu!
    Gu is a
    It beats the energy drinks and 5 hour drinks in that you don't "bonk out" after 6 hours... it's a good ad to a first aid kit or your Bob when you need a quick pick up while hiking/evading. Taste is not bad some flavors are a little off i have tried the Orange and lemon lime which are not too far off...

    I'd add 2-3 to a BOB or medic kit for when you need that extra energy....

    GU Energy - Endurance nutrition for triathlon, biking, running, cycling | GU Energy Labs
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    I used to make a far superior type of energy gel back in the day for myself.
    All you need to do is buy some Coughlan's squeeze tubes. Mix your own gel, I used organic blackstrap molasses and brown rice syrup as well as honey a lot.
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    Just a thought, if you're going to keep these in your BOB, you might want to keep them sealed in a ziploc bag or something, especially if your BOB gets tossed around a lot. I'd hate to open my bag and find the contents covered in Gu because one of the pouches busted open...
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