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    So being the huge dog dork I am. I get a call from my wife an hour ago. She is in tears and says she is going 90 on the FWY to save a dog. I'm was like wait a minute here, I am the one who usually is the dog dork. Whats going on can we talk about it. She says no, its not open for discussion. I have 30 minutes to get him or they put him down. Deal with it. Fine with me. She sends this picture of our new addition. apparently between 6-9 months. Needs some medical attention as he has mange but overall she said he is the sweetest boy on earth and he gets along really well with my current beagle/boxer. get_image.asp.
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    congrats.....and hide your sandwiches!!
    good looking pup

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    Just got home and met him. Cool little dude. He's on lock down for two weeks but him and my other guy are rolling around like they have known each other since birth.
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    That is awesome - congrats on the good looking pup!! Sounds like my wife :D
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    Congrats, great looking new bud you have there.
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    That looks like a real strong puppy. Real nice looking dog, those eyes just get to me. I can see why your wife felt the need to rescue that pup.

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    There were 3. 2 boys and a girl and they were tied up in a field with no shade, food, or water. They were as bad as it gets. The poor little girl might not make it still. Our little guy has really bad mange, was way under weight, and really badly sun burnt. The sun burnt areas are fully blistered. Took him to my Vet this morning and she said he will be good in 2-3 months but I wanted her to run all the tests and make the plan to get him healthy again.
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    we had a local pit bull cruelty case .... someone set fire to a pregnant girl ..... a clinic tended to her severe burns best they could ..... gave birth shortly after arriving at the clinic .... half the puppies died ..... even with her severe burns she wanted to be with her puppies and nurse them .... she died a couple of days after giving birth ..... 4-5 of the puppies are still going strong .... still trying to find the SOBs that lite the match
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    I would love to find the SOB who did this to these animals. I am an odd ball with animals though. People say I am not a good "Dog" owner because I humanize them. My dogs are my children, not just dogs. To me, its the same as abusing a child and anyone who could or would do that IMO should be put down. Our little guy is coming back quick. The bald/sun burnt spots are starting to grow hair, All the scabs are gone and well he's eating like a horse. He's gained 11lbs since we got him and still going. Its cool to see his loose skin tighten up. I guess I just feel blessed to be able to take this animal in and give him the love and care he deserves. Saturday will be his first day in the ocean. I took him & my other guy down to the Harbor last night and they were both swimming like fish so I know he will love being off the leash and in the ocean.
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    That little guy is blessed to have you as his new Dad.
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    Agree 100% with you. My dogs are my kids and no matter what the laws are, you try and hurt them and you are history.

    Great looking pup and great that he was rescued.
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    I wouldn't want to find him... I'm too pretty for prison....
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