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    new book for me and review

    "How to live trough a FAMINE" by Dean L. Fasmussen Horizon Publishers

    Just the preface and intro have been read so far, will give 'ya all' an oversight tomorrow. A quick quote here.
    "It would seem to make sense that if our lives are going to depend on it, we ought to at least try to become very good at survival. The epitome of "good" in this regard is for us to transcend casual survival as we have known it and develop our ability to the level of a technology, with all of its refined capacity to help people in desparate need."

    Cool quote huh? anyone read it yet? It was given to me by a neighbor as he was showing me some plants that are eatable here. YUM.

    The book is well thought out and researched and straight forward as to the edibility of many many common plants. 254 pages (of 443) on various plants, thier edibility and possable toxicity. Remember it has indexes and bibleography. The main text is alphabetical botanical names with an index of common names at the back. It may seem to be a clumbsy was of organizing the book but it really works quite well. Think about how many names for the same plant there are, makes sense to index them at the back. It is not just a book of plants, it also deals a little with group survival. I looked up some of the plants that I know are eatable and some that I wondered about, the book was very clear about them. This not just about the commonly known plants such as cattails it also deals with ornamental plants like snapdragons. High vit C, was used to fight scurvy.

    I would recomend it, not just for book sitting on the shelf but for one to take out and use and PRACTICE with. Lotta food all around your neighborhood. Fear of herbacides and such, no big deal, ID the plant for later reference. This book is not for identifacation of plans so much as for the edibility. snowbyrd[applaud]
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