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    I just put out my latest book - this one includes the "Rumble in Jungle" story.

    If you use this link
    The Many Universes of D. K. Richardson: D. K. Richardson: Kindle Store
    takes you to the book and the sample chapter.

    The cutline I put on Amazons says:
    A series of long and short stories themed on science fiction and horror.
    Six tales of:
    Aliens who come to Earth and discover they like everything - except the current residents!
    A biologist who was just looking for a paycheck - but found so much more.
    Aliens who invite humans to dinner or is that as dinner?
    Deep in the jungles of Burma, you'll be surprised what you can find - or what can find you.
    A new kind of cure for cancer - very noble, until it all goes horribly wrong.

    Includes a sample chapter from the latest work in progress My Sister's Keeper.

    In the past, I've posted stories here, this way, you can get the sample chapter without the board using up it's storage/bandwidth.

    I appreciate the reception I've gotten here over the years, just wanted to let you know a new book is out.

    Have fun!
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    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    I've edited and released this book again. I've not marked it as a Ver 2.0, as all the core stories are the same.

    The sample of the book Roll Call has been removed as that book is now out.
    The sample is now from the work in progress called My Sister's Keeper. A look at a story from more than one point of view....
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