New book: Wild Wendy Wilde

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    I put this up as kindle as I am allowed to do.

    Wendy has found herself left all alone in a world gone haywire and upside down. She is still quite young and also doesn't know how unique she truly is. War has ravaged the land and left no one unscathed. Everyone she has known has either left, been kidnapped or killed. Despicable men and women seem to be the ones that rule the world she lives in.
    So far the lessons she has remembered and her wits are all that have kept her alive to live through each new day. Will she survive to find where she belongs and any of those she has lost?
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  3. Olympic mountain man

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    Lol my wife's name is Wendy
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  4. Pax Mentis

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    Well...I enjoyed your last book so I might as well get this one.
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  5. sarawolf

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    Thank you, very nice of you to say so. If you would like to leave a review that would be great. :)
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