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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Andy the Aussie, Oct 11, 2019 at 2:09.

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    Bit of a long story but I am taking possession (probably forever) of a piece of my childhood's a Marlin 1895 in 45/70. Belonged to one of my two best friends in high school (that was the 80s) and some events in his life have seen him decide to divest himself of his firearms. All have gone to me and my other best friend from those days. He would accept no $s for any of them and we both made it clear that should he change his mind about any or all of them they would be his for the taking. I will collect it in a month or so when next I am up in the country visiting......but today I stopped in at the local GS and collected some brass....


    .....and have ordered up some RCBS dies. Next will be projectiles as I am pretty sure one of the powders I already have on hand will be more than acceptable for this application.

    I don't NEED a 45/70 of course....but it will be fun and I remember making this one go BOOM as a teenager.... :D
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    Guns, Good Friends, and Old Happy Memories ....... You just can't beat them for making you smile and warming your heart.
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    Glad to know it found a home.

    Had I had the choice then it would have a found home here.
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    Cannot go wrong with a Marlin .45/70, quite a useful and handy caliber/weapon to have around, and when SHTF, you now have a weapon you can land load for super easy, to include the use of real Black Powder and cast boolits! All materials you can find or make in nature is you know whee to look and what to look for! Congrats on the fine score!
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    Sweet! Although I do feel somewhat badly for your friend, his loss is your gain.
    It's heartening to see such firearms, ammunition, reloading components and handloading rigs are still legal and available in Aussie land.
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    Dies arrived in the post today and I really want to work on some loads over this forthcoming weekend but I have a significant job interview on Monday I need to prepare for so I have to be a grown up and concentrate on that. Bit of luck it will be the last time I need to go through the wringer as if I am successful it is the rank I always told myself I would retire at (if I made it that far). Once that is all done I can play with motorcycles and guns to get my head back in order !!
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    I've got a pet load for my .45/70 Gibbs that I'll see if I can pass along once I get back home. I never try to remember load data and have been safely reloading for more than 40 years. I do recall that it's a load for 405gr hollow base bullets and that I'd found a reasonably light load with a powder that didn't require rear settling for consistent ignition in the large case. (No filler needed) Nice accurate load with the cool big bullet impact on target. Boom... SMACK!
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    I roll my own,330grain H.P. UNDER 40 Grains of IMR 4198,Good luck with your new project!

    10-15-2019 phone 737.
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