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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Andy the Aussie, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member

    ....always fun strapping a new pair of boots for the first time, this time it is however a little bitter sweet.

    Some my recall the catastrophic boot failure I had one the first day of a ten day hunt (choppered in and left to our own devices) in New Zealand a couple of years ago. Well thank all that is good for superglue as it saved that trip for me !!! But it did maybe rightly maybe wrongly jade my view of what until that point were my favourite brand and model of boot (Zamberlan Civetta GT). Now I had a pair of these that did 5yrs and untold kms walking without issue, the pair I wore to NZ were my spare set, I used them for those round town functions and when I travelled for journeys not hunting related (the hunting books were a bit gnarly looking ), but when the NZ trip came along I decided not to "risk" being stranded by my old boots :eek: and decided to retire them and move the clean. tidy and broken in set to my hunting boots.....and then they let me down, they are @$450 a pair so I was "annoyed".

    In response once I was home I shopped around, read up and ended up buying a pair of Lowas that I am VERY happy with. No complaints at all.

    As for the failed set that got glued and tapped up in New Zealand, for the last two years they have soldiered on as my around town and working round the house boots. I added a little windscreen sealant, as when the sole de-laminated water was flowing in, and they have been fine, but I would have never trusted them for a trip.

    A few days ago, the sole finally let go for good (yes maybe I could glue them up again but I honestly could not be bothered) so I needed a "new" set of round town/non-hunting boots. Well I didn't need to actually buy anything, remember I said how much I liked the Zamberlans before that incident.... well I had another new in box pair stored here at home (in fact I may have two NIB pairs but I am honestly not sure) last night I got into the water/air tight boxes I store such things in and fished out a pair....time to lace them up and break them in. I honestly still could not bring myself to trust them on a trip where they were my only boots but they ARE comfy !!!

    So today....
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  2. Lancer

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    hmmm I'm due for a new pair back lot boots...
  3. BTPost

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    My last Boot Buy, was five years ago, and I bought two pair of Danner Boots... I still have one pair on the shelf, still in the box... This was just good preping as I will not have to get a new Orthotic built, when I wear out the pair I am wearing, because the one I have will fit the New Pair as they are the same Size and Model ...
  4. Waydah

    Waydah Monkey

    Never heard of Zamberlan. Maybe its a "Down Under" thing. When I retired I brought home with me an almost new pair of Danner Acadias and another of Warrenington Pro leather firefighting boots. Still mostly new... both of them... sitting in the closet. I have grown to like the lighter weight boots in my advancing years. For just beating around the place I do go cheap and seek out boots on clearance from places like LA Police Gear. I picked up a great pair of New Balance on clearance for $30 and beat the hell out of them for over five years. Broke my little heart to finally say 'goodbye'.
  5. Andy the Aussie

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    Boots and packs are my "fetish", I also have a ummm "couple of pairs of Danners" as well. Great boots and for many years were my go to boots !!! I could probably outfit a platoon with boots (as long as they all wore 10-11EE size) and give each a pack of some description ... :D

    With this pair yesterday...It was interesting......they are REALLY comfortable....right out of the box. I now wonder if the middle of the three pairs I have were maybe wrongly sized or made. They were not this comfy right out of the box (just checked them and they are labelled as the same size as both other pairs - 45H) but when I was breaking them in - and wearing them while training with my big pack loaded up - they were still tight on my little toes (I have great big wide EE or wider feet/flippers) but this pair are not at all....[​IMG] Anyway.......very happy I have a nice pair of boots to wear around. I know the EXACT precursor sighs of the sole failing so will be listening/feeling for that for a bit I am sure though.
  6. Andy the Aussie

    Andy the Aussie Monkey+++ Founding Member Italian thing (since about 1920 something) actually ... ;) Lowa are German.

    This particular model Zamberlan boot was initially what was issued to Australian SF types deployed to Arsecrackestan and Iraq...then they were issue for ALL Army (not sure about AF) deployed to either location.
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  7. Waydah

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    Oh, my... those Italians! Well, the Italians have been stomping around the Alps for some time in all sorts of weather so they should know how to make a serviceable boot. Looks heavy, though, like a pair of Sorels.
    I have difficult feet to fit for some reason. When I do find a pair of any footwear that is comfortable it is a thing of beauty!
    I bought my first pair of Danner Acadias and wore them for years on the job. They were SOOOOO comfortable and had a mild sole. My newest pair have a Vibram sole and are still so stiff after breaking in that I can hardly wait to take them off. SMH Seems a waste.
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