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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by overbore, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Has just been confirmed in that the Swiss now think that Bernanke and Friends are going to follow the same failed steps the Japanese tried to
    stimulate thier economy by printing more money and purchasing toxic assets but, to keep the Spendocrats in power and to give them some psuedo revalance, they will keep on the spending spree that caused the problem!

    Let me simplifiy: my car is on fire from a burning gas line so I am going to pour more gas on the flames[lolol]!!!

    Now for the serious part: when this next scam fails, the table is set to justify a new currency say a three way Amero currency. The fly is that the profilgate spending will not stop, so guess what the next strategy is? One ---[troll] Overbore
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    There is actually about %150 more bad housing debt vehicles coming down the pipe peaking in 2010 and down through 2011. The first bubble was about 1 trillion and the next wave represents about 1.5 trillion. No way we can survive the second wave if they try to 'fix' it the way they did the first.

  3. ghrit

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    The hell of it is, the first wave remains unfixed. Seems like the money was made available for relief and lending, but nobody is taking them up on it. I saw a number just the other day that something like 318 applications have been received, but none granted. Zumzing doth not ring tru. :rolleyes:
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    And how many news people laughed at Lou Dobbs(and Jerome Corsi) and the NAU "conspiracy theory"??? What's next congress scrambling to secure bunkers while the gov defaults in feb (remember the rumor from the house close door session in march 08?)
    red list blue list anyone?
  5. Byte

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    At least red is my favorite color! :mad:

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