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    Since the beginning of this blog, some five or six years ago now, at the old blogspot site, I’ve endeavored to offer valid, valuable information on preparedness TTP, predicated on my past professional experience in the USASOC community, as filtered through my educational background in post-graduate history and daily life. I’ve offered—literally—thousands (and probably tens of thousands) of pages of information in what I’ve hoped was an approachable, vernacular style that is actually pretty much exactly like having a conversation with me (as readers who have been in classes will gleefully tell you, I really do manage to do what grade school teachers tell us to do in composition classes—I write exactly how I speak, for better or worse).

    Since the beginning of this year, I’ve posted a mere 16 posts on this site, and only seven or eight of them were actually content articles, rather than announcements of classes or reviews from others of either classes or the books. For those readers that remember the old site, that is a very, very different rate than in the beginning, when I was posting an article pretty much every…single…day…and those were almost invariably anywhere from 15-30 pages long.

    Some of the difference is a result of changes in my day job working schedules. Having a job that allows me to take random amounts of time off to travel and teach classes means I have to make up that time when I am at home. That severely cuts into my ability to create opportunities to write articles for the blog, without cutting into quality time with my wife and daughters, and our attempts to build our homestead…and I will happily tell you to go fuck yourself if you think I’m going to exchange time with my family for time writing articles for the blog, to be read by people that I mostly don’t know.

    My wife and I—and some of our local kith-and-kin group—were discussing this recently, and believe we’ve come to a potential solution that will benefit those readers that want “more” and my own clan. What is needed is a way to make taking that time away from other activities worth the investment in doing so. Writing the blog after all, has always been a labor of community for me. It was a way to share the knowledge I gained in the military with a larger “community” of people with at least some shared values, customs, and traditions. I’ve never charged for content on this blog, and I’ve never asked for donations. I’m not going to start now, in either case (not that I’m going to send your cash or unaddressed money order back either, if you decide to make a donation though….).

    One of the things I’ve long stressed to students in classes is that, ultimately, I’m creating speed bumps for the bad guys. If students—and readers—actually practice the stuff we teach, they will hopefully, become roadblocks, rather than speed bumps; they will STOP bad people before they reach my people, rather than simply slowing them down and tearing off pieces. Unfortunately, I can’t really afford, considering my obligations and responsibilities to my own clan, to write an article a day, or even an article a week, sans compensation.

    What I am going to do is two-fold. First of all, I’m going to recommit—with HH6’s blessing—to publishing a minimum of one new article per week on this blog, at the same, traditional price of zero dollars, for all readers. They probably won’t be the lengthy treatises I’ve done in the past, but instead, shorter, more succinct pieces on various subjects ranging from individual hard skills like shooting, PT, combatives, and tactics, to “soft” skills like auxiliary taskings, ranging from PSYOP and intelligence to resource management to maintain logistics within the community.

    In addition to that however, I’m going to do a couple of things differently.

    First of all, I’m going to commit to producing a short e-booklet publication every month. Not The Reluctant Partisan volumes, or even Forging the Hero, but small, 25-100 page booklets on subjects relevant to the discussion topics here. One month it might be a complete training program for Combat Rifle training. The next, it might be a discussion on Guerrilla Farming in urban and suburban environments. It will always be relevant, and it will always follow the same pattern of my other work in the information-intensive format I write in. In other words, I’m still not interested in writing fluff pieces. I want readers to have useful, useable information in their hands that they can put to use right now.

    Those are going to be available in one of two ways. In the first case, it will be a pay-for-download that you can buy, for a reasonable fee. Alternatively, they will be available as a subscription, slightly discounted rate, but with the subscription, I will provide an additional weekly “article” in the form of a weekly training drill you can incorporate into your training programs and plans.

    One of the potential drawbacks to this in recent conversations with folks has been, “Can you produce enough content to satisfy what you’re saying you can do?” The short answer is, “yes.” The fact is, each of the staff functions alone is deep enough to provide well over a year’s worth of practical training articles in itself, and that’s not even getting into more mundane training articles like the shot-calling article I posted yesterday.

    Those readers who have been around will probably remember that at the beginning of the blog, at the old blogspot site, I literally wrote a book a week worth of fresh material, all based in doctrine, but with practical, relevant, original twists to that doctrine, in order to make it relevant and practicable.

    I’ll be talking with a couple of people in the training industry and the blogosphere about these options and making them work, over the coming days, with a decision on whether this is viable or not, in the next week or so.

    This allows me to continue providing what has been widely credited as valuable information for training and preparedness for the readership community, while also benefiting my own people through not robbing them of my time without adequate recompense that can be leveraged towards our needs. My goal is not to create a Mountain Guerrilla business empire. My goal is to be able to afford to continue providing valid, valuable information and training to students who often become friends.

    (And yes, we’re going to do some t-shirts and fucking morale patches, finally….eventually….)

    (Edited to add: Alternatively, I may alternate each month or week, between the training drills and a subscription podcast, including answering reader/listener questions?)

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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