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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NYPBA, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Well seems the wonderful world of car bombs has come to mexico. A cartel used one the other day in Cuidad Juarez killing three and wounding some others. Seems a phone call was made to get the police to go to the location then they detonated it. It is only a matter of time before one goes off on our side of the border. One of my AZ contacts has told me back in the beginning of the year a truck bomb was caught at the Border Patrol check point on I-19 in southern AZ, though that never made the news of course. I will be back on the border in August doing the job my government has failed to do for decades now.

    Good times are a comin'!!
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    Yeah I was reading up on that yesterday. Apparently, the story being dealt out from the corporate media is that these dastardly Mexican criminals are stealing extremely powerful explosive materials from manufacturing sites, with the added punch line being -that they are also being transported across border into Mexico. I found it especially sadistic in nature to also read that these style of "attacks" appeared to be copied out of the AL Quaeda training manuals. It's enough to raise awareness to the open border policy we currently have with Mexico, and suggest that we really needed to focus on legitimate security instead of wasting money and resources at policing our own people, turning our country into a massive police state.

    But, I feel that all of this will fall on deaf ears.

    The American People have become too detached from reality -they consume, watch television, and whine about politics as if they actually still have choices. The terrible reality is being carried out, with Arizona attempting to lead the charge to assault this act of war waged by Mexico, and all that is being done elsewhere is lawsuits permitted to be levied against Arizona by foreign Latin American countries. The rest of the states need to pony-up and enforce the same standard or else we will be looking at Arizona becoming an independent Latin country, complete with its own language, rampant crime rate, and drug lord cartel run legislature.

    Enough is enough.
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    Is there going to be something involving fat lady and singing, maybe?... ;)
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    I don't know. What I do know, however, is that when there is a battle between a state(s) and the Federal government.. then ****'s a brewin' !
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    If SHTF, do you really think Police and Army would shoot into citizens?
    I highly doubt it...Look what happened in Serbia when Milosevic fell...
    When people came to take him down, he ordered Police and Army to deploy and to fire on people...Army officers, along with all the generals, told him openly to stuff it, and that if any other force tries something like that, the Army will wipe them out from the face of the Earth, no prisoners and no wounded! He got the same response from the Police generals....So, basically, he scre.ed himself by trying to order something like that....
    I guess he didn't realize that all the cops and soldiers were sons of the people in the crowd...And if he tried to bring mercenaries or foreign forces, Army, Police and people would eat them alive, shoes, guns and all...
    Heck, Serbs were the firs Kamikaze's in history...Japanese came much later :D
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    You are a bit off the topic, but given your outside view, no problem. UGRev refers to the legal battle, not real shooting war, between the state of AZ (and hopefully others) and the Federal gov't over suppressing border violations and who is responsible for border security. Basically, it is the Fed's job, and they aren't doing it, so AZ stepped into the breach. The federal court (not SCOTUS) has ruled that AZ has exceeded its authority by setting up a mechanism to do the Fed's job, and that the mechanism is faulty. AZ is appealing that ruling, and the result is that portions of the AZ law are (at least temporarily) unenforceable until the appeal is heard and ruled on.

    This will continue a hot issue for a while, but will not go into a shooting war between the State and the Feds. However, there will be and is a lot of shooting between the cartels and each other as well as the Mexican central gov't. Like as not, we will get involved more heavily than we are now. I will be unsurprised if we see joint ops between our troops and Mexican Federales on Mexican soil at some point. Just exactly what we need, another war. Better, cheaper, and more effective if we just build the fence and staff it appropriately. (And I don't care if it is State or Federal manpower that is the staff.) Stopping the trade in illegal bodies and drugs will do wonders. (Thus spake me, and maybe me only.)
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    I don't think it would be like that really. It's a very complex situation that I would, no doubt, truly fail at expounding upon properly. Suffice it to say that if there were a secession type of situation (ok, ok, I know what people think about it, but I'm going hypothetical for a moment) that Arizonan's in the military would probably defect to their sovereign for the same "family" reason you mentioned above.

    But this type of stuff can go bad really fast. We'll have to wait and see. So far my needle is pegged on "watch mode".
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    Uppss...I'm sorry...I didn't realize he meant legal battle...I figured that if you try legally to fight government, you would surely I figured he meant...the other thing...
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    That's exactly what I suggested in some other thread...I completely agree!
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    No.. see, what AZ did was to fashion parts of the law virtually identical to Federal law. So the Feds are practically taking themselves to court. Which is funnay!
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    LOL...I see...Nice tactics.
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    Wether or not they shoot on the citizens would be wheter or not the governmment is losing. They knew Milosevic was OUT so they didn't fire. If he was firmly in place I'm sure they would have.
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