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    I meant to post the WIP here, but the network had hiccups.[reddevil]

    Dear Readers
    Semper Fi, the fourth book in The Empire’s Corps, is now available from Amazon. Download a free sample and then buy it from Amazon here! And if you like it, please share this post and review.

    Two years after the Empire abandoned them on Avalon, Colonel Edward Stalker and his Marines have established the Commonwealth, a union of worlds intended to take the place of the vanished Empire. But now contact has been made with a remnant of the Empire, a successor state controlled by a ruthless dictator bent on crushing the Commonwealth and expanding her rule over the entire galaxy.
    While the Commonwealth frantically prepares for war, a small team of Marines is dispatched to the enemy homeworld with orders to bring down the dictator – by any means necessary …

    [As a matter of principle, all of my self-published books are DRM-free. You may treat it as you may treat any normal paperback book.]

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