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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gundog10, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. gundog10

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    I have been picking up a few Eneloop batteries here and there building my supply. I was in Costco picking up some Crisco and a few odds and ends when I seen an open green folding case with eight AA batteries, two AAA battries, 2 D cell, 2 C cell and charger from Eneloop for 29.99. The C ad D cell batteries looked funny as they had what appeared to be holes in the bottom. I turned the package over and my first reaction was "NO S*&%". The D and C cells are designed to accept one AA battery. Any AA battery. While a AA battery will not last as long, it is a great idea and another backup just in case. Sold and I'll be heading back to pick up a few more for Christmas presents. Just thought I would share.
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  3. melbo

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    Nice. I have some of those adapters and have recently also found eneloop pro's that were manufactured and shipped from Japan. I have no experience with them but have been told that the Japanese eneloops (under Panasonic brand) were the best. I also believe that the eneloop pros have superseded the eneloop XX (black batteries). I don't have any of the original green/white eneloops
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    I had never seen them before but had always thought it would be a good idea.
  5. William Warren

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    How much current do LED lamps draw, compared to the incandescent ones that were used in "D cell" flashlights?

    If the current drain is down in a range that AA batteries can handle for a reasonable time, then the AA-to-D converters sound like a good idea.

    William Warren
  6. melbo

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    Well the modern LED flashlights have taken advantage of the expected battery output and the heads actually heat up. My Surefire LED lights last just as long as the incandescents did. My thought on the C and D adapters was for shortwave radios and other items that don't have as high a current draw.
  7. Hanzo

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    I use the Envelop in the adaptors for camping lanterns. They will last long enough. I have gone six months and a handful of three day camping trips without having them die on me.

    Gotta look into the pro version.
  8. melbo

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  9. Hanzo

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