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    Howdy. This is [according to google] the only place on the web to get a 1560 geneva bible pdf. But after looking around it seems like a pretty cool place otherwise.
    To clarify on posting attachments, I have a pdf from FEMA dated 1987 [apparently before they crossed over to the dark side] that shows how to build a woodgas generator. I am actually still accumulationg parts and haven't started the project, but was hoping to start a thread to discuss it. Mebbe one of you all already tried and it is bogus? Anyways, federally generated documents being incapable of copyright, can they be posted?
    Thanks for all the info i've gleaned already,
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    Poke around a bit, FTM, there is already some discussions from a while back. There's at least one thread on a wood gas generator running a small truck. I'm not going to hunt it up for you 'cause I think you'll enjoy the search. (Plus I'm mean that way.) Lots of good dope here. Start with the search function, and welcome aboard. (89.5, indeed ---)
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