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    We've lived in our little home in SENM for a bit over 15 years now. There is a wooden gate on the N side of our home leading to the back yard. The gate really deteriorated over the last 6 or 7 years, to the point that it had to be replaced. I looked for decorative metal gates, but they were either too small, too short, too big or too tall. Finally, Friday (my odd Friday off), I sketched out a rough diagram of what I'd need to rebuild it, then headed over to Lowe's. A bit over $100 later, I unloaded the supplies in my Manly Room and started cipherin' as to dimensions, how to put it together, etc.

    Saturday morning, I started cutting....used exclusvely 5/4 X 6" treated lumber for the gate and 2X4's for supports. I got it all cut, trimmed and ready to put together Saturday night, but was pooped. This morning, i got out the screws and drill bit for Phillips screws and started screwing around (just had to add that! LOL). Bunny, our son, helped haul the new gate out to the opening, then kicked the old gate apart and hauled it out to the side of the road for pickup. Then we installed the new gate. There was one area about 6" long that needed to be sanded, but the rest of it fit like a charm.
    Yep, I'm proud of this one. My Daddy must have been guiding my hands.


    Yep, me and Da Boy did GOOD!

    After we finished the gate, we got his motorcycle up and running (2002 Honda CBR600.F4i that we got 2 weeks ago). Needed to replace the starter relay and charge the battery fully.

    I'm way too old for this hard work! At least it didn't involve climbing! LOL Sweetie was impressed. :)

    And tomorrow, to top things off, Sweetie heads up to Canada to visit her mom and brother (brother was down here a couple of weeks ago, great visit), so Da Boi and I will be batchin' it for a week or so.

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    Sharp lookin gate there, @TXKajun ..
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    Seal it, stain it, or paint it. Those 2x4s look to not be pressure treated. Just sayin ....
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    Pretty nice.
    I don't work well with wood, world's worst carpenter - LOL
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    Those 2X4s look to be redwood, no need to pressure treat.

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    That is a really nice looking gate @TXKajun. Great job by you & your helper.
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    Thanks, ya'll. It felt darn good to get that thing on the hinges and watch it swing closed. Worth every bit of effort.

    And NO, I will NOT build ya'll gates! I'm too dang old. I figure this will be my last one! LOL

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