New GE Dishwasher A Piece of Junk!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. TXKajun

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    A few days ago, I bought a GE stainless steel dishwasher because we have been upgrading our kitchen appliances. Model#GDT545PSJ0SS. It was delivered on Wednesday and I installed it. First problem was no power cord or wire nuts to hook up the missing power cord even though I bought the installation kit. Went out and got them and installed it....the drain hose turned out to be about 6' too long, but I got that working.

    Tonight we went to use it for the 3rd time and the upper wash arm broke off!! After an hour on the phone I finally got through to the message that GE offices were closed until Monday!! WTF?? This is the 21st century, complete with voicemail and India folks to answer phones 24/7!! But not GE.

    Yep I'm highly pissed. Wait till Monday and I fully expect they'll jerk me around on refund and picking up this piece of crap. GRRRRRR

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  2. duane

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    It is not just GE. Have a 10 year old propane kitchen stove with a dead circuit board. No longer available and $400 when it failed the first time. Without the board the oven doesn't work and the burners have to be lit with a match, pilot lights no longer allowed. Work as a mechanic and get my clothes dirty, new washing machine, 3 years old, has a sensor that limits the water temp for "energy savings" and doesn't get my clothes clean, doesn't spin fast enough to really get the jeans dry either and has a sensor that "prevents" it from thumping when it is out of balance that often leaves them soaked. Dryer has temp limit for same reason and takes hours to get my jeans dry and has more electronics than a WW II fighter airplane and it will fail. No more simple timers allowed. Friend had a bad spark plug in a 5 year old F150 with the v 8. By the time they got it fixed, he was out $2,000. I don't know where it is going to end, but 60years ago most of the appliances, cars, and tools, would last for many years. Now when I buy them I expect and hope to get 5 years out of the ones that don't self destruct after 1 year and thank God if the new unit at least preforms as well as the old. Used to be if your bought "quality", think Maytag, it would last for a long time. Now "quality" often gives you more bells and whistles and some weird electrical problem in a couple of years that isn't covered under warranty and in NH costs $100 for a "service" call to look at.
    Perfect example is the laptop I am typing this on. The f key has to be hit hard to work and when typing it doesn't show up. I can either replace the laptop, $400,or take it in for service, $50 minimum, and buying a $20 replacement keyboard is not an option. This is all before TSTF and when warranties, service centers, spare parts etc all exist in theory.
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  3. Gaowlpoop

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    Most appliances are junk now. They are made from the cheapest materials and put together in the "designed for manufacture" method. They should be put together in the "designed to give good service" method. I consider 5 years as the average life of major appliances now. I just replace them with a new one. That is just the price of ownership----yes, i know the price can be several thousand dollars..

    As to the complexity, one of the major portable power tool manufacturers now has a line of power tools (drills, saws etc) that are WiFi enabled. I sure as heck haven't figured that one out yet.
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  4. ghrit

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    Had a problem with my washer, a Maytag, that was beyond me. Come to find out when the service guy showed up, that Maytag, Hotpoint, (some) GE, Roper, and maybe others are all built on the same assembly lines. Where that might be, I don't know. He carries spares for all of them, one part fits all.
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  5. Motomom34

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    Just had the refrigerator guy here yesterday. Not even a year old and I can't stand the fridge. It works but issues are: the ice maker is garbage, gets all iced up. The drip pan- there isn't one a home owner can get to, it is in back and enclosed. There is a horrid chemical smell, the guy said it was my food that smells like a toxic waste dump. Then the sounds. Occasionally it sounds like a violin, then twice I have rushed outside (dog alerted also) thinking there was an injured abandon cat outside. The guy told me it is a good thing that the fridge makes these odd noises.
  6. Ganado

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    its low water washing machines that get me. 2x as long to was so more energy used and don't always clean well.
  7. Bishop

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    I bought a used washer from a second hand appliance store 60 days warranty on it first time use ing it would not spin called them up said someone would be out in a week or I could bring it in and exchange it so I exchanged it that washer failed to after two days I took it back they exchanged it and said if this one don't work they would not exchanged it I disagree with them that one worked a week I stopped and got some poster board and a marker wrote the name of the place and how they sale top of the line junk and would not refund my money or fix the problem and place it in the middle of the road in front of there business and walked in side and wait I got my refund and got one from a bent and dent store in the box with factory warranty.
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  8. techsar

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    As far as a dishwasher, I would go with a Bosch again. The thing is so quiet I thought it wasn't working at first.
    11 years now and NO problems.
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  9. Brokor

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    I had a dishwasher once. The brand was "Samantha". Best ever, until I realized it was only leased. Pretty expensive, not high maintenance either. Stay away from those.
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  10. kellory

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    I had A Samantha as well. Worked fine at first, good looking unit, but self destructive, and a real pain to uninstall.
    I agree, not worth the cost.
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  11. Kingfish

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    Globalism, equals junk made overseas.
  12. Byte

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    Yes have to love the quality of appliances these days. Just bought a new house with appliances left by previous owner. Not sure who they were but it's obvious they weren't handy with tools or not at all technical minded. Unfortunately, I had no real time to check the appliances out before signing though it really doesn't make much difference in the value of any house with or without the appliances. So I wasn't too worried about any of them.

    When I did finally get in to check things out I found out the fridge water wasn't hooked up and the dryer didn't turn on. Neither of which was noted on the home inspection. Worthless inspector. Anyway, the dryer was easy; tested power at the plug and the motor circuit wasn't getting power. Test breaker...failed...replaced...dryer works fine. $9 fix. Pulled the fridge out to check valve; somebody had left the unit out to freeze in a garage or something without purging the lines. Filter is cracked too so that was $40. So $35 valve fixed that issue up and water was flowing. Next was no ice being made. Well, they left it on with no water running to it...overheated and smoked the thermostat. $65 icemaker unit replaced and now it's making ice like nobody's business!

    Now for the fun. Walked into the kitchen about 5 days after getting the other issues fixed and there's water on the floor in front of the fridge just under the freezer door. I'm all in a panic thinking there's a split line inside the freezer door where the ice and water dispenses. Going to take me hours to tear it all apart! Ack! When I opened the door and started pulling everything out I see a bunch of ice built up in the bottom with frozen streams running across the top up to the small shelf below the cooling system. After getting all thawed I find the drain that allows the moisture to drain out int the evaporation pan below the fridge. Come to find out these new fangled modern frost free freezers have a heat cycle that keeps the ice from building up on the fins on the condenser unit. Makes sense actually. So defrosted it all thoroughly and made sure the line was clear and running liquid. A week all over the bottom of the freezer again... Did some looking around and it turns out the Samsung side by side fridge freezers are notorious for this issue. All it took was a 12" piece of 10 gauge copper wire from a chunk of Romex twisted around the heating element bent and fed down through the condensate drain to keep it from freezing up.

    Can't complain too loudly. I got off with a $150 repair bill and a few weeks of my time between trouble shooting and waiting for parts. It could easily have been a few thousand to replace the appliances. So in the end I'm actually quite surprised that my $1000+ fridge was so easily repaired and that the parts were rather inexpensive.
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  13. TXKajun

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    With a bit of luck, our nightmare dishwasher from Home Depot experience is done. Over Saturday and Sunday, I spoke with quite a few GE folks and Home Depot folks. The frosting on the cake was when this bimbo (who obviously voted for Obama....TWICE!) said "Home Depot doesn't accept returns or give refunds." Yep, that set me off big time. Fortunately, I have a saint for a wife who kinda sorta took over and actually made enough progress that we ended up loading the dishwasher and all that came with in into our SUV and hauled it to the Home Depot store that the order went through (and it was NOT the usual store, which was a large part of the confusion). One of the store managers there worked with Sweetie and I over the phone yesterday (Easter Sunday) and came to agreement that I had followed the Home Depot appliance return/refund procedure and I could bring it in and he'd make sure we got a refund then and there. Headed over to the town, about 70 miles away, got the dishwasher unloaded with the guy's help and within 15 minutes, we were on our way with refund receipt in our hands.....and in email. Nope, I don't plan on ever darkening the door of another Home Depot or going to their website ever again.

    We went to Lowe's in our little town to get another dishwasher and the one we really wanted wasn't in and won't be in until Wednesday of next week. After getting on my little smart phone, I asked the clerk to wait a minute while I checked out our local Sears selection of dishwashers. :) We came to a great deal shortly after that and I'm more than willing to wait a week. I got home and reinstalled the old dishwasher and we'll use that one until the new one arrives.


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  14. Tikka

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    I bought a washer, all gear drive, porcelain tub. The salesman was a retired appliance repairman. He said the only difference between it and a commercial double load is it lacks a coin slot. No fancy light show; just am old fashioned washing machine. It washes a queen size down comforter with no problems.

    I spend hours reading and researching before I spend a dime and suggest everyone do the same.
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  15. TXKajun

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    A happy ending!

    We got the new Whirlpool dishwasher in on Wednesday, installed it on Thursday and have been using it since then. Probably 4 or 5 loads by now. It gets the dishes CLEAN!!! WOOHOO Our old one wasn't so great about this, especially the top rack. It's moderately quiet. Like the reviews all said, it does a so-so job of drying the dishes but we put them in and start it just before we go to bed at night. The next morning, all is dry except the bottom of our coffee cups (they go in upside down, the bottom facing up and has a concave surface that collects water). Not a biggie.

    It's been a struggle, but I think we have a keeper. :)

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  16. DKR

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    In a world where everything is made to be broken.....
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  17. chimo

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    Best dishwasher is the one you are married to...she washes em, you dry em, works fine, lasts a long time. Sometimes you can even get kinky and let her dry em while you wash em.
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