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    Well many of you know I sold all of my semiautomatic rifles back in January as an investment and almost tripled my money. I did this to upgrade the quality of my firearms and am now after shooting all the new guns very happy with my decision to do what I did.

    First up is the TIKA hunter bolt action . I got this older model but still new in the box for 525.00 and topped it with a Leupold VX scope for another 200.00
    This is my wife's new deer rifle . It is a 30-06 . Tika claims 1 inch moa and this rifle hit that easy at 100 yards. AWESOME RILFE.

    Second up is my new Thompson Center Icon in 30-06. Paid 800.00 for it and topped it with the same Leupold VX scope. The group at 100 yards was simply amazing at just under 1 inch. Another AWESOME RIFLE.

    The third rifle we bought was the old tried and true Marlin 336 in 30-30. I got it used for 300 bucks but it has very few rounds through it and is like new both in outside condition and bore. I shot a 3 inch group with open sights off hand at 50 yards. Another awesome rifle.

    The last rifle I bought was a Ruger Model 96 lever action .44 Magnum carbine. What a thumper!!! I have it dialed in at 50 yards shooting about 3 inches but I know I can get it tighter. Nice close range carbine with oodles of stopping power.

    The rifles I sold to buy these were one Stag arms AR-15, Two Remington 7400 30-06 rifles and one Ruger 10-22. I actually bought both of the bolt action 30-06 rifles for what I sold my AR-15 FOR . I got 800 for the two Remingtons and another 275.00 for the 10-22.

    We also sold a Ruger P-89 9mm handgun and bought two Ruger SR-22 pistols. We really like those as well.

    The good thing is 30-30 and 30-06 ammo has not gone up in price. Im still buying 30-30 for 15 bucks a box and 30-06 for about 20.00 . .44 magnum is getting scarce but I bought a bunch before it disappeared . I feel pretty well armed right now and we have them all sighted in and ready to use. I stockpiled more .22 then Ill ever use and my bolt action Marlin .22 will never run out and is my main game getter. I have a lot of slugs and buckshot for Remington 870 as well. Im still buying ammo for all of them when I can afford it. I am still looking for one more 870 20 gauge for my wife. Once that shotty is secured Im done buying and selling until I see AR-15 rifles for 700 bucks. Then Ill buy another one as an investment. KF
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    I don't think it will be too long before you see a $700 AR-15.

    Whole rifles and parts seem to be readily available again; just not much ammunition for them.
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    @gunbunny it really depends on your AO. Evil Black Rifles (EBR's) are still way sought after here in Michigan. Seems they want to upgrade from saturday night specials in the D.

    EBR's are still commanding 1100 plain jane - to ridiculous dollars north of 2500 for a pimped out tacticooled carbine. Mags are an extra 20-40 dollars ea.
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    Smooth moves, Kingfish!

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    KF, sorry to hear of yesterday's boating accident. Hope those firearms were covered by insurance - ;)
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    Best I can do is a 1897 Winchester 12 gauge, produced in 1926. I was a bit ahead of the curve and did some custom work on it 35 years ago when I bought it; this was, shorten barrel to 22 inches, have Briley

    Briley Manufacturing, shotgun choke manufacturer and gunsmithing

    do that work and add a choke of his design, add new brass sight, added sling swivels, clean up the action a bit, add recoil pad and cut stock to 12.5 inches, redo stock with good polyurethene. Slick gun for me. Only problem I had was the need to weld up the bolt slide channnels a bit. Did that very carefully one spot at a time with a stick welder, this only at the rear where all the wear removes the slide channel material.

    Now I find that what I built is now called a COWBOY Shotgun.

    Call it what you want, it never fails to fire, extract, eject or reload.

    And it is a solid take down model with a super bright bore and very little blue on the outside.

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    Bought a new toy Saturday, Savage model 24 in 30-30 over 12 gauge. Already have 30-30 ammo ordered and also ordered a 8" 12 gauge to 22 LR adapter. Can't wait to try it out.
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    I grew up with the .22/.410. you will like what you have.
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    My pick as the best of the best of Savage 24 configurations - nice pick up !
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