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    I was born and grew up in the mountains for Northeast Georgia. I went to the military after high school where I served for over 20 yrs. After that I returned to my hometown. I have always been an outdoors type of person and learned how to take care of myself in the woods at a very young age. My family was poor so growing and canning our own food was just a part of life back then. My wife is about to turn 50 yrs old and I bought her a 1964 Galaxie 500 so, rebuilding it is my current hobby. I also volunteer at the local military museum.
    So, I hope to learn and share knowledge and maybe gain some new friends.
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    Welcome to the monkey from another Vet... grab a branch and hang around so you can see what's going on...
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    Roger that
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree.... set yourself down and have a look around.... Lots of Good Folks here'bouts, and plenty of good information to be had.....
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    Welcome to my favorite Survival forum to read every day. So many diversely knowledgeable yet kind and civil people.
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    Welcome @cgsurvivalman. What a lucky lady your wife is, a Galaxie 500 is so much better then flowers. Hope to learn lots from you on growing and canning.
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    Welcome and thanks for your service!!!
    This is a great site!!!
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    Welcome to the Troop, Hang on tight!!
    Lots of great people here, very diverse and Interesting!!b::[js]:mad:[fight2][nk][roflmao]
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