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  1. Thanks for letting me be a part of this community. I'm still looking around the site and finding my way around here. I used to be a sheeple, but I smartened up about 2.5 years ago. I looking forward to have some good discussions with everybody here.
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    Welcome. Grab a branch, and hang out a while. Need help, there is a search box at top.right, and you can ask questions in the shout box, and someone will be happy to help.
  3. Thanks. I became a survivalist because I feared an economic collapse. Now, I'm more afraid of Big Brother. My wife isn't 100% on board yet but I'm slowly getting her there.
  4. ghrit

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    Lead her in, don't push. She'll see the advantages and catch up.
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
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    Welcome from the West Coast!!
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    i have a similar probablem with the wife situation also....
    She is into prepping but only what she want to store ...{food and spices ect}
    She canot grasp the candles or y i have 12 propane tanks and recycle screws and nails ...
    And the spare parts drives he crazy and calls me a horder,,,
    Ill learn her !!
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    Welcome from NC. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. It'll happen, even if it takes some time, it'll happen.
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  9. Thanks for your responses. She agrees that we should store some food and water in case of an emergency, and I got her into skeet shooting now but that's the extent of it. She thinks storing food and water for 7 days and some batteries is good enough. She also thinks I obsess about this. We both have good paying jobs (for now). She's not stupid. I'll get her on board soon enough. In the meantime, we're trying to pay down some bills, and I'm working on getting in shape and trying to get off the stupid Blood Pressure pills.
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    Hey Brew
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  11. Hey Billy good to see you. Welcome to the site. I'm at work now and I'm heading out of town this weekend, and working next week, so I probably won't get my profile set up until the weekend after this.
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    You still going to do the wings on Wednesday?
  13. No wings for me tonight. I'm working tomorrow, then driving back to Richmond tomorrow night after work. I'm taking Friday off. We're flying out on Friday to visit my parents, then coming back on Monday and I'm driving back to work on Tuesday morning. I don't like to drink beer and eat wings on the night before I leave here, because the driving home day, is pretty rough and I like to be alert.

    To the others here, I work 100 miles from home, in northern Virginia, and the traffic is nasty (route 95 from Richmond to close to DC) so I rent a place and stay there during the week and drive home on the weekends to see my wife. there's a bar close to where I stay that has 50 cent wings and $2 beers on Wednesday nights.
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    I know the having to travel to visit the wife.. Not as far tho..

    Oh, and, welcome to the tree!!
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    Less aggravation in your life sure way to help with that.... and Welcome to the Monkey Tree....
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