New guy looking for a live-in property caretaker.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Texpressions, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Texpressions

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    Hi guys. Texas prepper here. Got land in Oklahoma I don't want to let go of, but have no interest in making my primary residence. I'll be posting a more in depth ad in the buy sell section. But that's why I'm here. IMAG0237. IMAG0214.
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  2. SB21

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    I'm sure this will get some attention. I'd be all over it if I was closer for sure.
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  3. Motomom34

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    @Texpressions welcome to the monkey. You mentioned a live-in. How many rooms? Looks like it is in a wood area, very nice.
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  4. Dunerunner

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    Welcome to the Monkey. Nice property....
  5. Yard Dart

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    Welcome to the Monkey.... plenty of Texas preppers here.... stay awhile!!
  6. Altoidfishfins

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    Glad to have you.
    You may want to include more photos in your buy/sell section post.
  7. yeti695

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    Where abouts in OK?
  8. Gator 45/70

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