New Hampshire exempts combat disabled veterans from property taxes

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    As a veteran (I am not disabled) I really appreciate this;

    From our local station, WMUR

    I strongly believe our soldiers and sailors who have become disabled in the course of their service deserve this because they have earned it. Unfortunatly some have paid the ultimate price.

    Unfortunatly the New Hampshire Municipal Association is against this as they refuse to give up any possible revenue. I encourage an NH residentss here to click on the NHMA link above and contact them and request they cease opposing this bill.

    As one who has served I can state we all accepted the same risk.

    There is already a tax reduction of up to $500.00 available to those who served during certain time periods (war & police actions). The "Up to" part is determined by each town - something I would rather see uniformly adopted with out the "up to" on a state wide basis instead.
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    The property taxes in New Hampshire are insane. Of course, they have thousands of wealthy business types from Massachusetts who commute to Boston daily and set up enormous McMansions all over the southern portion of NH, mostly near Nashua. Many of these fools are Liberal scumbags who enjoy the benefits of a free state, but fully support the gun grabbing tyranny of Taxachusetts lifestyle.

    Why not give disabled vets a break?
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    I think we get an exemption on the first $40K of appraised value here in Oregon..wouldn't guarantee the amount but I think that is right.
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