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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I couldnt find a decent left handed holster for the guns I carry without paying around $100 for a custom made holster, so I went to the local sadle repair shop and got a few supplies and tried it my self. They may not (or may, I havent had them) be as nice and arent as pretty (but their for concealed so dont care about looks) as some of the custom holsters but they didnt cost me near as much and I didnt have to wait months for them. After I did mine and it turned out ok I made one for Tina and one for my dad. They seem to be getting a little beter as I go so I may wind up makeing another on for mine to se if I can get the cant that little adjustment and smooth the muzzle end just a bit and maybe turn the but in to the body a little tighter. I know I have tried out my dads and it seems to be better than mine.
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    OK, lets see if I can get the pis to post this time...
    Photo-0025. Photo-0026. Photo-0034. Photo-0035.
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    The gun in the top 2 is a Bersa Firestorm 9mm UC, the second 2 pics are a Bresa Thunder .380 and the last 2 are a 6 shot S&W .38 spl sub nose.
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    They look pretty good to me.
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    Jeez man that's some great work! I'd expect the more you do it the better they'll get!
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    Thanks. Ive been seriously thinking I might try to see how much it runs for some of the blue guns for the more popular carry guns and try makeing a few real cheap for folks who carry to try out and let me know what they think. I know it seems like most of the holster makers I have located charge quite a bit more for their holsters than I would need for them and they are generaly always backlogged. Might be able to get better at it and have a hobby that could actualy pay for its self. The 3 I have made so far are for me, Tina and my dad and none of us have much to compare them to for quality and comfort. I know mine at least is a LOT better than the Uncle Mikes I had since it dont hit the mag release, has good retention from the molded leather and is more comfortable, but not sure how it compares to other leather IWB holsters, just know it works and wasnt bad for price or time to make.
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