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  1. wastelander

    wastelander Bad English, bare with me

    Made this for my son out of a branch from an old apple tree on a rainy afternoon. Shot a pigeon with it first shot, so I think there might have been a drop of luck in the oil i treated the wood with :)
    Nice spontaneous project and a good toy and hunting tool to keep in the back pocket when out in the woods. And metal detector safe! ;)

    2013-09-02 12.06.23. 2013-09-02 14.17.34. 2013-09-02 18.54.16. 2013-09-02 19.17.42.
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  2. Dawg23

    Dawg23 do or do not, there is no try

    beautiful! not to mention handy :)
  3. marlas1too

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    nice I like it remind,s me of my youth a long long long time
  4. Tracy

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    That's awesome! :cool:
  5. wastelander

    wastelander Bad English, bare with me

    Thanks alot :) Woodcarving is great for stress
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  6. DoomsdayNews

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    Great craftsmanship, always love to see homemade items with a function. That certainly looks like a lot of fun to pick off targets (or pigeons) in the backyard and to keep in the back pocket when out in the woods. I grew up using slingshots recreationally and consider myself a pretty good shot. However, the biggest thing you're likely to kill is a rabbit, which won't give you much meat if you intend to eat it--that is if you can even hit it first. Slingshots are great fun, but they aren't necessarily great hunting or survival tools. They can be a backup to a backup (to your rifle, bow, or other weapon) and used as a last resort against Goliath, but its unlikely to do much intimidating a SHTF scenario or do enough good to provide you with food. Then again, who knows? You could be the world's best crackshot with a slingshot.

    If you've never seen his videos, check out this guy who makes all kinds of homemade slingshots. This one didn't work out as well as anticipated (yes they can be dangerous to the use)

    Still, thanks for sharing, sure your son will love it.
  7. BTPost

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    Dufus, Didn't figure on the Law of Physics called Action/ReAction and Elastic Rebound.... Duh.... Lucky he didn't hit himself in the Eye..... Then he would have been a One Eyed SlingShotter...
  8. kellory

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    DDN,I hunt with a slingshot. When setting up for a deer drive, with several other hunters, it would be down right RUDE to pop off at the random rabbit or squirrel I encounter when getting into position quietly. So my gun is slung on my back, and my slingshot is ready and in my hands loaded. When Hoppy pops up to ask how the deer hunt is going, I hang him on the nearest fence to be waiting for me when I come back out. It does not spook game, good for roughly 20-25 yards, and I use 5/16 hex nuts as ammo. (byproduct of work) so it cost me nearly nothing to operate. At ten yards, I could take the pipe from your mouth. :D I would suggest you get one and practice a bit.:p
  9. wastelander

    wastelander Bad English, bare with me

    Pretty cool special effects you can do simply at home nowadays, uh? :D Watch the video he released the day after on how he did it! and maybe his very cool Toilet Brush Sniper Rifle

    I love his channel, but where not really after the same things you know?

    I'm not nearly as good as I was as a kid with any kind of instinctive shooting. I think the change came when I stopped just "feeling" the shot and started thinking about my stance and so on, haha, too much tech ruined it. I'm trying to find the feel again with a recurve bow I recently purchased and as long as I do it slingshot-style and just look at the target and set my upper body and point I hit pretty good, but if I think too much I miss.

    A bit off topic but thinking about instinctive shooting. I have an old Swedish made multipump airrifle with a smoothbore barrel in the odd 5,4 mm caliber that my dad had as a kid. You can still if your lucky find copper-plated roundballs for in our local sporting goods shop. I used to hit everything with it when I was 10. Killed rabbits, pheasants, pigeons on different yardages without even thinking about it. I noticed a few weeks ago when I was cleaning through my guns and held it up that it never had any sights at all, just the octagonal barrel, and I never even noticed :D

    The son loves the slingshot and has shot up the garage door pretty bad with it already, lol, damn kids, no better than me.
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