New Indiegogo campaign for the first affordable, oxygen supplying personal escape respirator

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  1. A NY start-up tech company, Soteria Technologies, just launched an Indiegogo campaign for their brand-new product, Oxxy/Gen, the first affordable, oxygen supplying personal escape respirator, providing 10-30 minutes of oxygenated air to escape emergency situations such as high rise fires.

    Weighing around 2 pounds, Oxxy/Gen generates up to 30 minutes of breathable air, utilizing proven technology found in industrial breathing solutions such as deep mine respirators, space craft, and submarines. It converts exhaled breath, that contains carbon dioxide and humidity, into oxygenated air to breath back in. The device isolates the user from the environment, so nothing from the outside comes into the breathing loop.

    Retailing for $99, they're offering a pre-order at an early-bird discounted price of $65 for the first 100 contributors, $80 for the next 250 contributors, as well as a discount for purchasing more than one. For every $85.00 Soteria Technologies raises as donations alone, they will give one Oxxy/Gen to a family in need in a high-rise building.

    This product is changing the way we prepare for emergency situations: Oxxy-Gen

    man mask small.
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    I assume this is possible and legitimate. Any doctors or biologists on SM care to comment on the above? Makes sense to me, but I'm not a doctor, nurse, biologist or otherwise.
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    I'll express some concerns with this device. There's no evidence that it's in production, and it appears to be looking for funding. This is a device I'd like to see widely available IF IT PERFORMS AS ADVERTISED. I see no independent test results, nor evidence of seeking approvals from any authorities that may have some say so as to how suitable it is for the purposes intended.

    "Just because" it might be worthwhile to google the company. I've got the impression that they are resellers, and have not yet acquired a full line of health and safety gear yet.
  4. It has been proven to work:
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