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    I am happy to say that tonight (early this am, about 3:00), after a lengthy discussion and of course many and varied details were emphasized....(it's a father to son thing!)
    My 20 year old son and his 18 year old girlfriend, will be going up to my property to take control of a bad situation that has recently developed, and come to my attention.

    We will be taking in a lot of supplies and they will be staying in my travel trailer with assistance from my dog, for their personal alarm system.
    Since having a "caretaker" arrive last September, and "supposedly" there to oversee the land and it's security, a "few" problems kept taking place.
    Coupled with my contact with local law enforcement agencies, (2 separate county sheriff's offices), and their input, it was decided enough was enough, and the time had come to put an end to strange things happening in and around my land.

    It appears that a lot of the "stories" relayed to me, were in fact just that, having been made up in a mind with either an overactive imagination, or, just plain out and out fabrications....(paranoia, or schizophrenic delusions!???)
    They got worse and more bizzare as each few days passed...
    Being able to access tax records and get names of people living near or in the general area, accelerated my worries, as I had the names checked out. Not only do I have a few "problem individuals" having spent time for drugs and so forth, it also appears that I have at least 3 in the area having had been charged with burglary, theft, and possession of stolen property. ( yay!)

    I knew a few things were amiss when stories I had been told, were suddenly re-told to me by the same person, but the changes in them were dramatic! What some people are unaware of is that you can get people's phone numbers, if you have their last names and addresses as found on the tax assessor's site for that county!
    I made a couple of calls to my neighbors!
    It gets even more bizarre from that point.

    It NOW seems there NEVER was anyone up there that had seen, or were ever told by my caretaker that there was a "Mountian Lion", nor a Green Mohave Rattlesnake....ever. Interesting.....?
    But, in all fairness, the stories he told were great FICTION!
    When he said he had come across a "BUNCH" of Gila Monsters in an area outside the main road in, I knew there was serious trouble!
    They don't live in that area, it's too darned cold, and if they did it's too cold to be out now anyway, as they had 4 inches of snow a couple of days back....
    Gila Monsters do not live in a social "pack" either!
    A quick check with local fish and game, and they asked me if the guy was high on something! Yeah, that got my attention really fast!

    Then things went from bad to worse. I actually think he has either "cracked up" but not from the isolation, or maybe something else.....or, he is totally insane! ( I'd buy that! ) Since he got the Bronco in December last year, he became a "social butterfly", a real gadfly about town!
    Seems most people in town are aware of him, and he always lends a helping hand to everyone.....and is frequently seen around the local church! He has even been seen helping out some lady in her 70's, to haul feed to her horses....and transports her to and from town in bad weather, or when her small truck cant make it.....( ok, that's something GOOD at least!) Right?
    I got an early morning call about a week ago, that the Bronco I sent up, had suddenly lost all oil pressure, then I was told the gauge was fluctuating crazily and that either the pump was out, going out or the gauge was bad....

    Now today, I was told that "SOMEONE" had deliberately unplugged the wire from the sending unit! ( oh boy!) No tracks in the mud or remaining snow around the truck!
    (So, I'm thinking space gypsies now too?)
    Then the electric window motors had been tampered with and the motors were burned out.....except the passenger side window....( Oh Lord!)
    ( But, just wait it gets better! TRUST ME!)
    Then I get a call this afternoon that the starter had "exploded"!
    Yup! I swear that is exactly what he said to me!
    Blew the case right off the armature!
    (I knew his driving 50+ mph over those mountain rocks would do some damage!)
    But, there is MORE "good news",....HE just happened to find an old starter that had the same exact bolts that had broken off in the bendix area, of the original one, and was able to repair it as good as new! ( in the middle of nowhere, a starter that just happened to fit that make, model, and year!)

    Ok, so now I'm impressed!??
    I dont think so! This has gotten too weird!
    (even for me!)
    Now, I have seen loco-weed before, and have heard of the effects it has on people that smoke it,..... (Gee, I wonder...? Nah, I haven't seen it up there!)
    So, after a few months of the "sanity" of this person has continued to degrade, I made up my mind that it had to come to an end, one way or another.

    I'll be up there with them, ( kids), for at least a month, helping get things set up and working as it was supposed to be in the first place.
    Fencing has not been put in, no ditching, no road work, and I expect to see a lot of debris and trash all over......
    What concerns me the most at this point is: "IF" I still have ANY of the tools, generators, chainsaws, radios, solar panels, and batteries left!
    I expect the worst is yet to come!

    The "plan" at this point is to "wait and see" his reactions to the new arrivals and the fact that they will be staying there.....indefinitely!
    Since I'll be there for at least 30 days or maybe even more, time will tell about his behaviour.
    I'd prefer NOT to have him removed by "force" IF it can be avoided, but I honestly may not have a choice.....Not now anyway!

    You see, a call to the lady in town that operates a mailbox drop station, relayed to me that he is telling everyone in town that "HE OWNS THE LAND there, and everything on it"!
    This could get very messy!

    But, I have a couple of aces up my old sleeve, (never play a card game with a cardsharp or a psychotic, unless you have a plan!) Local law enforcement already are aware of the abberant behaviour of this man and his lies about filing reports with them and changing his story 2-3 times in a least he's persistent at that!
    ( personally, I think he's a stone nut job!)

    I also made contact with an old friend of his, back in San Jose, California.
    Seems he told his "buddy" there, that IF the police should ever call about his rifles, to make sure that he told them they were bought and then sold to "ME"!
    ( Now, it's gets REALLY good!)
    I found out that He was convicted of receiving stolen property some years back as a "kid", (supposedly!) and that he was out on probation for a 1st offense...
    Then he was caught with 2 others when they robbed a home and stole a safe...His girlfriend was under surveillance at the time, and she was caught wearing some gold jewelry from the robbery that was in the safe! She rolled over on him!
    He took a fall, ( not sure for how many years..) and so, HE is now a convicted felon! (
    I wonder why he NEVER mentioned that before?)
    In most states: a felon cannot be anywhere near a firearm, much less possess one, and then, it's a real bad TABOO to carry it concealed!
    It can get him 7-10 years for the 2 charges alone.
    CCW is 2 years, and the possession of a firearm by a felon is another 5-7.

    Then, "as if" it could NOT possibly get any does!

    His old buddy in California can be charged with the "straw man" law, whereas he KNEW the person he bought the guns for was a felon and could not buy them for himself! 10 years, and up to a $100,000 fine! (Federal) Now he's sweating the law too!
    I was wondering WHY this man wanted me to go to Prescott and buy him a couple of guns, when he could get there easier than I could! He's only 50 miles drive away, and I'm in Phoenix, nearly 90 miles!

    Hows that for entertainment?

    Today, I was also told by a local, that he was considering "torching" his RV in order to collect the insurance, as he wanted to build a house on my land, and it would be expensive! But, now he has had to cancel that insurance because he had to insure the Bronco, or not get caught driving it....
    I have heard that both, the Yavapai and Coconino counties are watching him every time he comes into town or drives on the freeway! He is stopped almost every time he goes into town, and they search the Bronco! ( drugs?)
    Yeah, something is up, and I'm only getting bits and pieces of this morbid mess I managed to get myself into!

    ( A week ago: He asked me to have my son, the local deputy, to run a VIN number for him and it came back to a: "stolen front end loader", worth $99,900!)
    Sounds bad doesn't it?
    I hope it's NOT anywhere near my place!

    I feel like I got trapped in a "Twilight Zone" re-run!
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    Dragonfly, you need to keep a journal of all this, then write a book, it would be a best seller!! I don't know if it would be classified as non-fiction or fiction though.

    Glad you're getting to the bottom of this, and I'm prayin' that some of your supplies still exist when you get there!
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    I would show up unexpectedly do an inventory and ask or have him removed immediately. This is a very bad situation.
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    This guy sounds like a serious nut job with a few loose screws! Be careful when you show up. From your description of him, I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to use one of those guns against you. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario and you won't be surprised.
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    :D Mr and Mrs Smith :D
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    Timing is critical here...
    I hope to take my oldest son up with me for a "visit"..( the local deputy)
    Definitely going in un-announced!
    I was smart enough to have my youngest son take a LOT of discreet photos, of the guy, his license plates, RV, etc. etc. upon meeting him the first time as we went to the site.
    I also keep a log of everything I have taken to the site, in a notebook!
    From serial numbers to photos!
    "IF" it comes down to it, the man will be detained for the local law enforcement agencies to come in and take him, and his guns away.....
    Or,'s a wait and see thing at this point, but he has to go, period.
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