New Law By Obama COuld Jail 500,000 Americans

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Falcon15, Nov 19, 2011.

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    This is not on a mainstream news site. Do your own due diligence.

    For those who do not like to click off to other sites:

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    They have an interesting perspective..

  3. Minuteman

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    Just playing devils advocate.
    I haven't vetted the entire story but a quick scan of the post and a look around the site of the source raises a few red flags.

    First the site for EU Times appears to be the European version of Info Wars. Without the hyperventilating mouthpiece. I scanned a few other articles besides the ones quoted and there seems to be a pattern of exaggeration and speculation.

    The OP states " the Gulf of Mexico oil debacle has now become the worst ecological disaster our World has ever seen". Really? According to who? News reports have consistently stated that scientists are amazed that it was not the great disaster that many feared. It is exactly like the aftermath of the Gulf war when the retreating Iraqi's set the oilfileds on fire and flooded the Gulf with millions of barrels of raw crude. The "experts" predicted that would be the ecological disaster of the century and would take decades for the region to recover. It took less than 2 years. Same with the Gulf coast (much to the disappointment of many "green" organizations who profit on the fear of ecological apocalypse.)A mess and a big job to clean up but not a long lasting, devastating event.

    The second article also raises red flags in the statement that rounds from an Ak-47 (fired from several hundred yards away) "reached the building’s internal anti-ballistics glass which was shattered by the impact."
    I am not a ballisitics expert but I don't believe that a heavy and slow 7.62x39 round would have that kind of force at that distance.

    When I clicked the "About" tab on the newspapers website it took me to an advertisement. I don't think I give to much credence to anything this source "reports". But that said, I wouldn't discount it out of hand either.

    Much like the American counterpart, Info Wars, it sensationalizes and speculates wildly on the "facts" of the stories for it's own profit but there is usually some grain of truth to be found in the story.
  4. Falcon15

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    If you look within the article, you find a load of "linked" information. The linked off info comes from Newsmax, Abcnews, Huffington Post and other very legitimate news sources. Again, as I stated, not a "mainstream newssource". Even if only a portion of this is true, it is better to be aware than not.
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  5. Minuteman

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    Agreed. Like I said even the inflated stories on IW have a grain of truth to them. I wouldn't put it past any administration to covet such a program but whether it will ever see fruition is another story. But a careful eye to .govs responses to "Domestic Terrorism" is highly warranted. If the economy collapses or any other life changing event occurs then whoever is in control of our government will clamp down on troublemakers and resistors. History gives us the blueprint for totalitarianism time and time again.
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  6. beast

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    yeah but we are the resistors and troublemakers they wanna jail
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  7. VHestin

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    I heard the shattered window at WH was due to a psycho OWS protestor...
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    Ok,....I give up! Which line do I stand in?
    I'm on so many lists today I figure it looks like the yellow pages of lawyers!
    Let's see, I'm OLD, white, and a veteran...yup that about takes care of me!
    Too old to be of any real use, or to be an organ donor, so I guess I'll be a living "target" for the "troops"!?
    To confirm it, I'll register as a Republican and go to church!
    My fate will be sealed!
  9. Seawolf1090

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    "Violent Radical and Homegrown Terrorist", eh.....?

    I take umbrage at being called 'violent'........

    As for the other..... sounds like King George's description of The Founding Fathers.

    I will gladly stand in that good company, and oppose the current tyranny.
  10. Alpha Dog

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    Condemn and put the face of evil on that they can't control that way the sheeple will follow, As Big Brother crushes the evil.
  11. beast

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  12. larryinalabama

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    My opinion is that the goovernment doesnt have the recorces to imprison half the population and give the other half welfare.

    I personally thing the current US will under go radical changes within 7 to 8 years, something similat to what to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  13. chelloveck

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    I had a look at the the legislation.....and.....

    the following was embedded within it.....VERY VERY SINISTER!!!!!!

    Read The Bill: H.R. 1955 [110th] -

    INCREDIBLE!!!!! what kind of dictatorship AUDITS for non compliance of the enacted legislation????
  14. goinpostal

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    All I can say is that they better come get Me first.
    There are those here who have read my posts on other boards,and have an idea of what I may be capable of.
    I was even called the Professor on one board for awhile.
    Let's just say that from the little bits of this,and that I've leaened over my 46yrs,that the OKC idiots,were children playing with an M-80 firecracker.
    It would be a sad day for Me to have to demonstrate my capability in anger.
    I'd much rather stay an armchair warrior rollin these 18wheels down the road,haulin sheeples crap.
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