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  1. Hey y'all. The Rookie reporting for indoc.

    A little bit about myself; I'm a single guy in his (very) early thirties who lives out in the country in the middle-northern part of Alberta about 20 miles (yes, miles, not kms) from the Saskatchewan border. I am a firearms enthusiast and, naturally, tend towards libertarian right-wing politics. For the last year I've been doing quite a bit of research and acquiring equipment which would serve well if things take a turn for the worse on our beautiful continent. It works to my favor that after years on the rigs I finally graduated to a nice supervisory desk job at the rig which allows me ample funds and 'web time to feed the mind.

    I stumbled across this forum while researchin the vaunted and hotly debated NiFe cell. The particular thread I read was a mixture of information and forum drama. I suspected that I might just feel at home here. After discovering that there is a 'tin foil lounge', my suspicions were confirmed. This server does have a firewall to block z-ray data packets from the orbiting reptile ships, right? +grin+

    I'll try my best to not be shy, and contribute to discussions when and where I have something worthy. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Canada, or if you wanna talk guns, politics, prepparation, motorcycles, economics, or any of those other subjects which go so well with a 2nd bottle of whiskey and some nice Dominican cigars.


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    You ride? Shoot? Dodge Z-rays? (Fill in this blank?) You'll like it here.
  3. Yes, sir! I ride American, Japanese, whatever I can throw a leg over. Also Proud to say that I support the NFA and CSSA (the Canadian firearm orgs) as well as the NRA. Oh! I also support the troops. -raised that way, was a cadet, etc... A pre-emptive Thank You to all the forum members who have served, serve, or will serve. My hat is off to you, and if you see me at the bar, it's a round on me.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Tree.... Pick out a branch and have a look around....
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    Welcome! I am always interested in what people are thinking & doing outside US borders. Canada is so quiet, occasionally I see the students protesting but generally our Northern neighbors quietly go about their business.
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    What Bar are we talking about ? Lloydminster / Cypress hills ? Remember the Tabernac canuks could also show up !
    Welcome Flatt-lander ;) ..
    Web foot Sloth from the wet coast , next swim is Japan.
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    Welcome Trigger, nothing like being a surviving monkey instead of a troubled sheeple--lol.
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    Trigger- Welcome to the Monkey Tree!!! We are not afraid of any of them Z-Rays!! [tinfoil101]
  9. Motomom:
    Yeah... Those school riots... Seems to be the hip thing to do in the city of Montreal. In the summer of last year, a leader named Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois marched with the "Red Square" student groups to protest proposed hikes in tuition. She ended up winning the autumn election. When budget time came she ended up hiking tuition to the tune of $75/year for the next 4 years. The students LOST IT! Apparently University tuition is free in France, so.... Yeah....

    On the West coast we have a provincial election for BC coming up. It's the incumbent BC Liberals vs the socialist New Democrat Party battling for the top while the Conservatives and a fringe enviro party battle for scraps. The last time NDP was in power, the economy was basically decimated. Let's hope that pure dumb luck steers things in the right way, because I don't give much credit to the collective memory of Vox Populi...

    Sloth: Lloydminster is the spot, although my favorite dive bar closed down last time I was away. Web footed and slow movin'? Something tells me you spend a lot of time under a red flag with a white diagonal stripe. Next dunk in the pacific rim? Hopefully just for fun, and nothing official, eh?

    -06 and Dart:
    Happy to be here folks. Oh look at that little smiley. Nice!
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree Trigger,enjoy!
  11. Thanks, Mr. john. Pleased to make your acquaintence. Your handle suggests an engineering background, yeah?
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    Us canuckleheads have to stick together, Cruising Sloth can pick me up on the way
    I think there are afew more of us, but they made be in stealth mode.
    You'll like it here, good to see you here
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    pick you're own butt a$$ up alone Canuk's !!

    Im pissed (2 beers @ 60+ yo ) so I'LL edit later.. Dang when did we follow , we lead !! they just didn't see the full picture/truth .
    Education ONE , Brain wash = BS , sorry Ms Sloth say 3 beers. ok !
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    I'm just quoting this for
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