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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by The Duece, Feb 9, 2015.

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    Hi everybody,the duece here from canadian prairies.i have been an avid fisher and car camper my whole life.started spending alot more time in the dirt a few years ago,just hiking,learning new skills,have also recently started bow-hunting,have gone last 3yrs,sadly am still looking for my first deer with the bow,first year i went i hunted with bow,shotgun muzzleoader and rifle,didnt get anything on way home after dusk last day of season for the year i hit one with my van!!!!!lol looking forward to meetimg new people and learning and trading new skills!
    Cheers everyone
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    See? You were using the wrong ammo. You should have lead with the van, filled your buck tag, and then experimented with the doe tags. Would have saved you a lot of time.
    There are many hunters here if you have questions, and welcome to the monkey tree. Grab a branch and hang on tight. (It can get pretty windy here):rolleyes:
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    Glad you decided to join the monkey. Look forward to your posts.
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    Welcome, lots of good folks here.
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    Thanks all, i am looking forward to getting involved.Kellory you are not the first to say that lol,sadly it turned out to be a doe and since the damage ended up being enough to total loss the vehicle she turned out to rather pricey.i had surgery this past summer on my back and one of my hands so i wasnt able to get out this past season so lets just say im almost going nuts waiting for this years season.have been slowly building up my stamina so i can start gettin out in the dirt!!! I did about 10 blocks last week carrying my a full pack(about 25lbs) tried to keep my pace to a steady jog for the whole distance(pretty tough here in winter with icy side walks and me being a smoker) but did pretty well i think,taking the hounds out tomorrow and hoping to get out and see if deer are starting to shed their antlers this weekend,if i do will throw up some pics
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    Welcome here, Duece!
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    BC here.
    Welcome to the tree hoser....
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    Welcome! Canadian gal here :) From the prairies but now in the forest area, moving on to mountains soon as I can :)
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    Welcome you will like it here plenty of nice people
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    Brit Canuk here , PNW wet coast , our swimming pond west in the salt chuck is Japan , so bring lunch ;)
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