new member here, im Casey, owner of a 3032 tomcat and a S&W

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    hey guys!

    im new here and this is my first forum ive ever been on.. so im still trying to find my way around. im looking for firearm threads or post, not sure the difference yet, but, i own both a .32 tomcat and a S&W module 36 .38 spl.. so im looking for more ppl that own or have good knowledge of either firearm..

    im from Hermitage TN right out of Nashville.. i am a paraplegic going and 3 years now after flipping my truck and getting ejected.. im lucky enough to still be alive and earn enough to keep my house.. but i also know there are ppl out there that would take an advantage of someone in my condition.. i keep a S&W .38 near me why at home and was carrying the 3032 tomcat until the frame broke while practicing..

    ill be 31 in nov. and know there are people out there that know alot more than i and may be willing to give me some advice and further knowledge of these fire arms and also im looking at getting a compact 380 or glock 26...

    so, if you have any knowledge of these any of these firearms and some go 380's to look at or more knowledge of the glock 26, please feel free to reply and ill start asking my questions when i find some ppl willing to help..

    glad to be here and hi to all!!

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    Glad you found your way to our little digital village. I'm sure you'll get some answers to your questions. Relax and enjoy the forum - pretty soon you'll be an old timer here and will be surprised by the friendships you will form
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    Hi Casey and Welcome!

    You will find a lot of folks around here with firearms knowledge, so I would suggest going ahead when you are ready and posting your questions in the firearms forum(s).

    I haven't been here very long myself, but one thing I have learned already is that there are a lot of good folks here with a genuine interest in helping others when and how they can.
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    Welcome kcmrrc,enjoy...
  5. kcmrrc

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    thanks guys!

    first off i have just purchased a S&W module 36 .38 spl.. i was blown away by the way it shoots!!! now i know what a quality gun feels like.. at 25ft i was almost shooting rounds right on top of each other, and with a 2" barrel!! but i have general questions on taking care of a revolve, as this is my first one.. also the bluing is in perfect condition. i dont think this gun was ever holstered.. i have heard this lowers the valve of the gun because people seek guns with some of the bluing gone to show it has history and has been used and holstered maybe even by law enforcement.. also i was wondering if it adds value to get the S&W $50 certificate. rather if its worth it just to have it or even adds valve to the firearm.. i have ordered the 30 dollar book and look forward to getting it.. from what i understand it will tell me just about everything about that s/n on the gun.. is this correct?

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