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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by ghrit, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Recently, a new member was doing what we hope newbs do, that is, rooting thru the site and reading. He made the observation that a lot of forum posts and threads are not all that recent. Then came the question as to the site activity level, in particular was the site more active in the past and by implication, has all the available knowledge on prepping and survival been exposed.

    Some things come to mind relative to those questions.
    -No, the activity level has been quite constant over the years, with some seasonal swings, pretty obviously. At this point we have nearly 13K members that have joined, got what they wanted and either stayed or departed for whatever reasons. At any time we see around a hundred more or less active members posting frequently, and we see their posting rate drop off. There are probably a number of reasons for that tapering down that can be assumed.
    -No, we have not saturated the market with information, not by any means. What we have here is basically information that a newb (or upgrading experienced prepper) can use at the beginning of the awakening to the need for preparations up to seriously being ready for any and all eventualities. For examples, there is info on basic first aid kits that everyone should have, right on up to near MASH kits. Basic GHB on thru long term BOBs. What we do see, and anticipate, is newbs and others that will and do bring in fresh perspectives AND new thinking and products for whatever level of preparations the participant may choose to reach.
    -And the site is no more proactive than it was years ago, we depend on the members for ongoing activity. We are gratified that this has been true since day one. Sometimes good threads get bumped with comments, sometimes not. But a quick look at the forums shows the number of reads that a thread sees, and conclusions can be drawn as to the popularity of the topics. (Current events and humor, well, could be exceptions there.)
    -The site recognizes that life is more than prepping. That is why the off topic forums exist. That's where to find stuff that is NOT mission oriented, fun, serious discussions, and other potentially interesting subjects are presented. Just watch the CoC ---
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    My wife, who became an American citizen last May, has recently discovered that understanding and staying tuned to American politics and its current events is indeed part of modern day survival. It's okay not to like it even be disgusted by it but one needs to understand what is happening and its effects on you, your family and environment.

    In that regard, it is essential for this site to continue to include political discussion, its debate and even its discord. And, yes, CoC must be watched and maintained...
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    I welcome ideas for the TOTM, just send me a convo of the topic and a source, and I'll research and get it up on the board.
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  4. offgrittyt

    offgrittyt You gonna eat that?

    I have discovered life here and it is good, thank you! Regards, the fun loving, off gritty, intelligent, common sensible, helpful, always learning, seldom offended, tree swinging, not afraid to be alive New Member!
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  5. Tully Mars

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    [​IMG]via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    We at the Handloadersbench are seeing a ebb and flow as well. I think that FB and some of the other places are drawing the crowds that would have traditionally come here and the HB for information. Now with that being said I think that it will only be a matter of time before "something" happens and the information will be curtailed or shut down. Just my .02 worth and we all know what that's worth.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    "Now with that being said I think that it will only be a matter of time before "something" happens and the information will be curtailed or shut down"
    it is on the web, and you like it,you need to copy it.
    if you really like it, you should print it.
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  8. 3M-TA3

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    Most of the basics/fundamentals of survival haven't changed which is why you typically don't see new threads on those topics. I think a typical newbie will hang out on one of our branches digs through the existing knowledge before speaking up. I learn something new (even if it's old) any time I care to turn over another rock here.

    When I first found the Monkey (courtesy of @Yard Dart ) after introducing myself I did nothing but mine for information before flapping my lips. I think good new topics are about improvements in survival tools, technologies, medicine, as well as threats either on the horizon or closer.
  9. Brokor

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  10. Dont

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    I dug through the older post when I first signed up and there was some thing I remember reading about and can not find them now. So, the "if you like it save it" is very much accurate.
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  11. STANGF150

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    I pity those that surf the web on phones these days. Going blind trying to read a tiny screen, saving info that will be gone with a careless drop if the phone. A desktop PC is the way to go for me. Resources saved onto my harddrives, and copied to USB sticks or carefully printed out is the way to be!

    An I admit, I'm one the ones that come & go, depending on how busy my life gets at times.
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  12. Dont

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    I have lost a lot of informative data due to loss of a tablet or hard drive. Now days I do frequent backups to multiple hard drives and print out stuff as I can aford.. Ink cartridges can be expensive..
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  13. Murfylang

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    Amen on the backing up copying and also printing stuff. I worked hand-in-hand with the team that put out the video "PLANDEMIC" . Within 48 Hours of the video going viral it had been taken down and band from almost every media platform on the internet. Which pisses me off. They're covering something up. If you find information back it up download it and or print it censorship is big now. Doesn't help that sissy lala kids are being hired as fact-checkers, and they don't even know if they are a boy, girl, human, or a damn Smurf. Damn PC crap makes me mad.
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  14. Illini Warrior

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    TIME - it's caught and is catching up on the old "survivalist" hands - the more dedicated preppers are being replaced more & more by the "half-hearted" and worse yet the 72 Hour FEMA "experts" ...

    and - it's being reflected in the prepper sites that are left >>> post-Virus I can't begin to number the outrite scoffing there was about pandemic prepping and needing at least 30+ days of food & supplies >>> now the previous poo poo scoffing about nationwide rioting and race war/riots are coming back on many - a case of 00Buck isn't so stupid anymore ...

    anyway - I'm finding just confining to the prepper sites doesn't make it anymore - the good intel and professional grade prep material isn't coming in - you want outdoors tips or gardening or a decent discussion about SHTF home defense go to the specific forum or site on the topic >>> carry it back to the prepper sites if you take pity
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  15. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    30+ Days Food!!! I'm working on my canned & frozen food for Winter!! Of 2021!!! As well as fresh from the garden suppers this Summer!
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  16. DKR

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    If I want hard data to keep at hand, I buy the book.

    If I want 'current events' and a take on those events, I go to the 'web.

    I've seen a lot of UToob videos posted by "preppers" and folks that call themselves "bushcrafters". - these videos show crap I wouldn't have let a 12YO Boy Scout try (back in the day BSA, not the current woke crew)

    Much - but not all - of what is on UToob is really entertainment. I enjoy the sailing videos, for example, and there can be much to learn, if that is what you a mind to do.

    **** **** ****
    I enjoy hanging out on this site because you can speak your mind (within the CoC) and while folks might argue with your take on things, flame wars just do not exist here. Very few have been banned. That is increasingly rare these days.

    While I post silly meme stuff, I do make an effort to post useful, DIY, items that can help folks get by in hard times.
    IOW - this place has, for me, a good mix of content. The Mods are low key and do a good job.
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  17. JediWoodsman

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    Well, as a relatively new member, I dug around a lot before even creating an account here. I agree with the above poster about the watering down of the survival/bushcraft stuff that you find on the net these days and am glad to see a great amount of usable and valid information on here. It is part of the reason I joined up and stuck around here.
    The resources section on here is fantastic and I have printed more than a few PDF file from here to have handy if it all goes pear shaped.
    Survival/Prepping is a mindset to me, not just some "72 hour" food store left in the garage and never again looked at. It was nice when everyone went crazy over the COVID and I knew I had a few months stored up of everything that I needed. That sense of security is priceless.

  18. Garand69

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    I am pretty much seasonal due to work. But sadly, the instant gratification found on fakebook has dragged a lot of folks away from great forums like this. "Smart" phones also play a roll. 1/2 my group no longer have PC's, and forums just are not the same on a phone.
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  19. hot diggity

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    Alright, somebody under 60 tell me what this is supposed to mean.

    I'm sitting on my deck, lit only by a 100 year old lantern, watching some lame fireworks and listening to the even more lame Karaoke of distant neighbors.

    I welcome any questions that newbs might have about basic survival skills, and I'm all about practicing these skills in a continual learning cycle.

    If there is genuine interest, I'd gladly rehash anything from basic char cloth/flint & steel fire starting, and field sanitation to firearms, bullet casting, and
    elder care.

    It seems the search engine is efficient enough, and the new members are savvy enough in internet research to make the old repetition unnecessary. This is a good thing IF they are practicing for themselves what they read about. Book knowledge without practical application in the area of survival skills is as useless as it is dangerous.

    I'm just a bit fond of lamps too.

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    @hot diggity "I love lamp" is from a scene in the 2004 movie Anchorman.

    Here's the scene I referred to:

    Funny movie. :)
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