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    I often think that I may not be around much longer. Getting long in the tooth, well what few I have left, and creaky in the knees, low back hurts after loading some wood into the truck, and takes a bit longer to get down on the ground to put the chains on the tires. And then there that getting back up again! I have started thinking in terms of what prep's I may leave for those that may have a need once I am gone.

    I eat simply, so stocking for that is easy. It takes a bit longer to cut and stack firewood for a winter and has me thinking once again about how to do it without a chain saw. Need to buy those hand saws. Prepping takes on a different angle when one is aging out. The needs for an adequate medication supply, what will one do for scripts for glass's, denture adhesives instead of tooth paste, no shampoo or hair combs.

    To be honest, covid did not hit me all that much. I see it as a cheap lesson on not getting complacent. So looking at my fall back/live in home in the hills still has projects that have been put off far to long. I may be coming to a time when I will mot be able to continue to work in my field, so I may need to be much more self reliant for basic needs and that takes money right now to establish the an infrastructure. It will all get done now.
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    Welcome to the Old Guys Club.
    Hell we're all that way Brother-at least those of us that have lived life to the fullest that we could.
    It's called paying for the sins of our youth and it can be a high toll. To be honest our preps are for the next generation. I have no illusions about either of us ruckin up and heading out. Those days are long past. Our role(Sass and I) is now to instruct and to resupply. Don't get me wrong, we will defend this homestead for as long as we are able, but we are now "elders" not front line troopers.
    Eventually they will, but at 1st, who messes with an old couple?? They will be after the runnin and gunnin types. Hopefully long enough for us to get our team to the next level and all these preps into another safe place.
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