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    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am WillNomad from Northern Virginia, Recently moved up here from the south, I'm 22 years old. I've been interested in prepping for the majority of my short life, I've only recently become a physical prepper. (collected only books/online reading material for prepping at the beginning, but now have some gear, and a B.O.B)

    I'm not sure when the world will end, but I'm positive it will happen in my lifetime, Especially with recent events that have been happening world wide. I'm still forming a plan for survival but I want to be Mobile when it does, I want to own an RV at some point and travel full-time, be on the road, maybe help some people out when it all goes down hill.

    But, About me. Not only am I interested in prepping, but I enjoy Reading and Writing, Watching Movies, Hanging with family and friends. I enjoy gardening and doing work with my hands either on metal or wood, working on cars and such.

    I hope to meet you all eventually and read a lot, and hopefully learn a lot and maybe share a little of what I know. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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    It is nice to see someone young with their eyes open to the state of the world. Sounds like you are headed in the correct direction with reading and getting a BOB. Glad you joined, we have lots of information and knowledgeable members. Questions are welcomed and encouraged. We all have something to teach others. Look forward to your posts.
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    Welcome to our MOnkey Tree....
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    Welcome Will! Don't be so sure that the end will come in your lifetime. I'm sure those who lived through the depression and WWII thought their world was near the end, however; for millions it was....

    Prep, be prepared physically and mentally and you will be far ahead of 90% of the population.
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    Stick around, look around, find a branch and hang around.
    Lots of info and good people.
    Have a question? Don't be afraid to ask. Someone will have an answer or be able to direct you to an answer.
    At 22, you have lots of adventures awaiting. At 62, I still can't wait to see what's around the next corner.
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  8. WillNomad

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    Thank you everyone :)!
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    Welcome, Will.
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    Haha!! Thank you.
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    Keep reading, learning and trying. When you think know it all you not only become a pain to those of us who actually do, you stop learning. And nothing good comes from either of those.
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    Starting young is wise. You have time to learn new skills, and the energy to keep at it until you perfect it.
    I would suggest you start learning hunting, tracking, and fishing skills, if you have not learned them already.;)
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  15. WillNomad

    WillNomad Writer/Prepper

    I used to think that i knew everything when i was younger, as all kids do at some point. I learned quick that I didn't. Still have much much to learn.

    I know how to fish a little, still have a lot more to learn though.
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    Welcome to the Monkey Will !!!
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    I wanted to second this...

    Too many preppers I have known are so sure that the world (or, more accurately civilization, since the physical world ending would be impossible to survive) will end in their lifetime that they don't include the possibility of actually getting old in their preps. I have tried to prepare for as many possible scenarios as I could, including being able to enjoy a comfortable retirement...which is what I am now enjoying, especially with the peace of mind knowing that I have prepared my kids for all of those other things that might happen in THEIR lives.

    That said, welcome to the Monkey Tree, there is a wealth of information available here for you that I could only dream of when I started the journey...coming here is a great early step.
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    Welcome, this one of the best survival sites on the net.
  20. WillNomad

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    I agree so far. Very friendly and welcoming community. I'm impressed.
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