new Missle Defense Agency logo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Looks like China is ?
    photoCollage. photoCollage.
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    Hrm...seems familiar.

  4. DarkLight

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    One has to wonder, in all seriousness how long the plans for _everything_ have been in the works.

    How many more logos are going to get changed (tin foil hat but how ego maniacal would it be to have every gov/pseudo-gov agency logo resemble his election logo)?

    How many more illegal executive orders will get signed?

    How many more Americans will forcibly become dependent on the government?

    And if/when he long before we experience some sort of event that allows him to usurp authority and prevent transition?
  5. Alpha Dog

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    DarkLight I think we will be getting some of the answers to your questions in the next couple of months and I fear the worst no matter what the out come
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    you gotta be kidding me right!!!!!!!! this is a joke,right? i think i need to make a new hot!!!! triple layer,heavy duty tin foil!!! prayin' and preppin'!!
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