New national security strategy

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jun 14, 2010.

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    HOLY WOW!!
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    bobo the whitehouse clown has been a UN tool and dupe for many years. This does NOT surprise me. The fact that so many Americans are falling hook, line & sinker for his crap dismays me. The Line in The Sand has been passed. It's time to Take Out The Trash...... [freedom]
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    A lot of this stuff is also flying under the radar per orders of the WH to bury the stuff. Heck, I missed this one and I like to think I'm pretty well informed about a lot of the shenanigans. Problem is, there's SO MUCH that it's hard to sift through all of it. It's like their machine never, ever, ever, sleeps.
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    Gotcha' covered; ridin' the frontier( fringe) on the "crazy train" has become a hobby of mine... [chopper] ohno[peep][pop][cof][alien]:eek:[slow]
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    The First Bank of the United States -privately owned and operated. Nobody listened. The Second Bank of the United States, also privately owned. Nobody listened. Andrew Jackson defeated the bankers. Nobody listened. Lincoln's Greenbacks are drastically inflated, debased, and the gold standard once again employed. Nobody listened. The Bank of England becomes Rothschild's own after successfully planning the defeat of Napoleon. Nobody listened. The French Revolution -the brainchild of the illumined ones takes root. Nobody listened. Federal Reserve Act, 1913. Nobody listened. 1917 Bolshevik revolution funded by bankers create the world's communist "bad guy". Nobody listened. FDR and his "Bank Holiday"...first 100 days. Nobody listened. Pearl Harbor. Nobody listened. Gulf of Tonkin. Nobody listened. Kennedy assassinated. Nobody listened. Vietnam progresses after years of US military involvement and bombings. Nobody listened. Iran Contra -we proliferate our enemies. Nobody listened. Afghanistan and our "Mujahadeen" CIA armies repel the Russian advance. Nobody listened. Bush Sr. invades Iraq thanks to giving Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait. Nobody listened. PNAC. Nobody listened. Bush Jr. openly initiates pre-emptive war against Iraq, followed by 7+ years of occupation with continued advancement across the middle east -"Terrorism" is granted a new role. Nobody listened. Obama prepares new socialist healthcare deal amidst a troubled economy -supports world governance. Nobody is listening...

    And those are only a fraction of the highlights. The People haven't listened to anything up to now. Why assume change will occur? Nobody listens -they all hear perfectly fine. This didn't start with "Obama", and it certainly will not end with him, either.
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