New NORINCO NAR-556 and NAR-751

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    NORINCO and Chongqing Jianshe Industry Group have unveiled a brand new modern 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifle platforms. We do not know much about these new guns other than the photos included here, not even the source of these photos which were passed to us anonymously. What we can infer is that these rifles are intended for the export market to compete with modern rifle platforms such as the Kalashnikov AK-12 and the Galil ACE and to a lesser extent Western modern rifle platforms such as the H&K 416/17 and SCAR-L/H. They will most likely to be manufactured by North China Industries and marketed internationally by Jianshe Industry Group.

    The name of the rifles “NAR” (Norinco Automatic Rifle?) suggests the rifle internals are derived from the poor selling 7.62x51mm NAR-10, NORINCOs first attempt at competing in the modern service rifle market. According to, the NAR-10 / LR-14 is a select fire short stroke piston with a conventional rotating bolt… and according to me it looks as ugly as sin.

    The NAR-10 aka. the LR-14

    The substantial difference in the shape of the NAR-10 receiver makes me think the NAR-556 / NAR-751 does not have the same action. It looks like it may have an AR-18 style action, like the Remington ACR and FN SCAR.

    What we can say for sure is that the the new NAR appears to have a metal upper receiver and polymer lower receiver (which are nicely color matched). It as a fixed charging handle with bolt hold open functionality. The gas system is adjustable and the controls may be ambidextrous. The pistol grip is moulded into the lower. The stock is foldable and it looks like there is a button at the rear that may allow limited length adjustment.

    The rifle has a full length picatinny rail on top and keymod attachment points on the side and on the bottom. It looks like it will be supplied with metal flip-up Backup Iron Sights.


    The NAR-556 uses conventional 30 round aluminium STANAG (AR-15) magazines while the NAR-751 uses a polymer 20 round magazines.

    The NAR-556 Squad Automatic Weapon variant of the NAR-556 has a longer barrel but no other visible differences. All three models are select fire.

    These rifles are going to give Kalashnikov and IWI stiff competition for rifle contracts in the developing world, especially in Africa where IWI has had a lot of success selling the Galil ACE. China is in a good position to leverage the large amount of aid and development they do in the region and turn that into defense sales. It will be interesting to see what Jianshe Industry does with these guns.

    BREAKING: New NORINCO NAR-556 and NAR-751 Modern Assault, Battle and Automatic Rifles - The Firearm Blog
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    I kind of like the look of them. I would love to take closer look at one.
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    me too...
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    Would be nice to get my hands on one to see how it runs! Norinko produces some pretty good Rifles, and they are usually pretty reliable!
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    Looks very interesting, but I'm not going to undermine the US arms industry by sending my $$$ to China. We can't see them do to this industry what they have done to the rest of ours.
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    Doesn't look like the lowers are interchangeable with the AR platform, but I could be wrong. That in itself makes them singularly unique. I've tried very hard to keep away from singularly unique with my firearms and ammunition...
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    They are NOT Importable into the USA, for Civilian consumption, due to being Select FIRE, Weapons...
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