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    Some of you may have already seen this, but most of you have undoubtly not seen it or even heard of it yet. It is about 2 hours long, and the first 15 minutes or so may not make any since, but trust me on this, it is well worth watching. This link is for the internet, and it is about 2hours long, but everyone will enjoy it and get a better understanding about quite a few things going on.

    Thrive Movie Going Free | Thrive
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    Thank You Nadja for posting ..

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    Page not found?
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    What he said...
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    Do ya have to have something else because this isn't working !!
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    Excellent movie, after watching it the first time my head was spinning trying to grasp everything they touch on.
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    I found it on youtube. search "thrive full movie". Interesting, and I think there is some truth to the aspect of the few attempting to control the many, but in the end it seemed like the start of a new world religion. Sorry, but I'll follow Jesus, he leads to God the father. It that means I have to go through tough times, so be it. Kind of waisted my time... but it was entertaining.
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  10. Details of these free energy machines, drawings, schematics.

    How do you put what together and how do you tap the energy etc.

    That is what I want to see, details where any competant engineer with the money can build one. If not cost effective then that is a consideration vs oil energy if cost effecient then that to is important.

    I have seen and know of people using the cassie cancer stuff who swear it cured them of cancer.

    Never seen anyone build an engine, or plans for a electric free source that was possible to duplicate independently.

    I agree with about half of what is in them, the other half I want something tangible.

    Releasing this knowledge to the world would get it built and used somewhere and if sufficient people know of it then it cannot be suppressed anymore than the technology of gunpowder can.

    Oh, well passed some of my time, repeating the same things I have heard / figured out already.
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