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    I've been a member here since 2007, but not very active, I'll confess. But, my first novel Brushfire Plague has been published by Prepper Press recently, and I thought folks might want to take a look. It's getting great reviews--from long-term survivalists to newer preppers to people who just like the story.

    A cool trailer here:

    www.brushfireplague.com for more info

    or at Amazon

    for Amazon reviews by customers etc. Let me know what you all think!
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    "Brushfire Plague is riveting and fast paced. Once I picked it up, it was hard to put down. I appreciated the detailed descriptions of the early days of the pandemic and how quickly society started degrading. The book portrayed in a realistic manner how people would react to a sudden disaster: they start out being in denial and have trouble accepting that the lawlessness can reach through their nice neighborhood. At the same time, there is a ray of hope that in the face of tragedy: good people can unite and help each other survive." excerpted from www.apartmentprepper.com
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    The ads for the book look good, and this is the type of book I normally buy, but I will not pay the exhorbitant fixed prices that Amazon charges. Basically, I won't pay more for an e-book than I would for a paperback.
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    Wanted to post this latest review from a reader on Amazon...so happy it is 'waking his wife up' to prepping!

    "I purchased Brushfire Plague when I read about it online. It is written by a local person and I thought what the heck. After starting and finishing the book quickly, I was ready for the sequel! My wife is now reading it, enjoying it AND it has started her thinking about being prepared. That makes this book worth way more than I paid for it!!! Ready for the sequel....Hurry RP!"

    Brushfire Plague: R.P. Ruggiero: 9780615645643: Amazon.com: Books
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  5. Good book!!
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    Finally! The sequel to Brushfire Plague will be out by the end of November. If you didn't read the original, you can read the first not one, but TWO chapters of Brushfire Plague for FREE here: Prepper Press Publishing – Dystopian Fiction and Survival Nonfiction

    Then, if you like it, you can order it on Amazon or BN.com

    Brushfire Plague: Reckoning, coming soon...so time to Catch the Plague! And, like any good plague...this one needs your help to spread!!
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