New regulations For Survival Monkey members

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Dear member: New regulations from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives now require Survival Monkey to collect certain data on each of its members. We have two weeks to comply with providing this information on our registered members or your account will be rendered inactive on April 16, 2010. Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey below before entering our website so that we may begin the collection of this vital information for our Nation's Security. Thank you and God Bless these United States of America. If you have already completed the information request form or are not a US Citizen you may just click on the SM Forums link below:

    You may read the contents of the full law enacted at the ATF website by clicking the link below:

    New ATF guidelines for gun forums

    Direct link to the SM Forums:

    The Survival Monkey Forums if you have already completed the survey or are not lucky enough to be an American (a real American) Citizen.
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  2. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    I think these questions are already on my 2010 census...
    Does that make me exempt????
  3. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    I hope that was sent someplace. I had myself ROFL when filling in the blanks!
    YEE HAW!
  4. Clyde

    Clyde Jet Set Tourer Administrator Founding Member

    April first brings out the best inyou, quigs
  5. Byte

    Byte Monkey+++

    Um...the check's in the mail? I already gave at the office?


  6. ColtCarbine

    ColtCarbine Monkey+++ Founding Member

    If you want my info, just :D
  7. BigO01

    BigO01 Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Ya know Quig you don't exactly live next door to most of us and travel time and expenses will be rather considerable so just a to let your family know there wont be much left of you to bury after hundreds of us all show up to be your firing squad , not to mention after all the hassle we will at the very least empty a full mag from a 1911 in your rear end !

    O and BTW you gotta supply your own blindfold ! [ROFL]

    Happy April to you too ya nut !
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