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  1. dragonfly

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    Oh yeah!
    You are going to LOVE this!
    I have a new security system that is absolutely one of the best, and one of the nastiest you can get...and,..... it was absolutely FREE!
    That’s right, FREE!
    Can YOU believe that?
    No one, not even an animal can get past my newest "security system"!
    I guarantee you that it is one of the finest made and it never really sleeps 24/7.
    It will stop almost any animal, except maybe: a water buffalo, an elephant, a rhino or an alligator/crocodile. This has the fastest and most dangerous and cantankerous bunch of safeguards you have ever seen!
    Now it does have a few drawbacks:
    1) cold weather makes it a bit sluggish and somewhat inoperable...
    2) NO one, not even the owner of the property can enter after the "unit" has installed itself!
    Oh, did I forget to mention that this security system is not only "self installing", it is "maintenance free", and never needs feeding, or watering, or batteries, or any other power source?
    And it's just as well too!
    NOW, How's that for security?
    It just never quits....
    It can however grow to an enormous size, and can become a real hazard in a short period of time.
    The few drawbacks are somewhat bad....
    The stings!
    The Yellow jackets will attack when you are within 20 feet of my utility trailer!
    Try to open the door!
    The "former" caretaker did...he was stung 5 times in the hand that touched the door knob and twice in the neck....
    He ran as fast as he could, around a corner to his front door yelling to get out of his way and to get the dogs inside, the yellow jackets were attacking...!
    They held him and 3 dogs at bay, inside his trailer for over half an hour!
    Now that's what I call "REAL SECURITY"!
    I know...I got nailed by one of them nasties a few months back and I still hate to think about it. I was quite a ways away, saw a yellow jacket sitting on the roof, and before I could move I was attacked by the danged thing! He stung me in the back in the shoulder area and it felt like a red hot ice pick was stuck in me!
    I used 4 cans of jet spray for hornets/wasps and 2 cans of WD-40 before I was able to get the door opened ( early in the morning when it was really really cold), rip out their nest, spray another dozen or so workers and guard hornets, or whatever they are ( mean and nasty is what they are!) then throw the nest on the ground and set it on fire.
    That stopped them!
    Well, for about 5 minutes anyway...then the rest showed up and the WAR was really on then! They are very persistent!
    I fought them from starting a new nest for at least 4 days afterwards...they just kept coming. I killed so many that I lost count and that nest was only about 4 inches around.
    Now it seems they have returned....Oh least I know NO ONE will be going into that trailer for awhile! NOT even ME!
    So much for needing batteries, solar power, gasoline, or propane!
    Personally, I think those things are powered by the DEVIL!
    This Property is protected by:
    ( I like it already!)
    I wonder, ya think we could package them and sell this?
    I know it works!
    I have seen it, I have felt it, and I HATE them thar varmints!
  2. Minuteman

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    A lot of truth there! I had an ongoing battle with a couple of nests around my old house. One in the garage and one in the well house. I killed so many of them that the floor of the garage crunched when you walked across it. They nailed me good a couple of times. I bet I spent a couple hundred dollars on every kind of spray made.
    Finally an old farmer down the road told me the trick to getting rid of them. A box of moth balls and some panty hose. Wrap some moth balls up in a bag of panty hose and nail the bags on all four corners of the building up under the eaves. They hate the smell and will soon leave and set up residence elsewhere. It works!
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  3. dragonfly

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    Just found a second nest starting...under the edge of the mobile home!
    They got theirs! We sealed them in with silicone! No more problem with those critters!
    I'll sure as heck try the moth ball idea and put it in the trailer whne I can get inside....Maybe in winter when it's cold and they slow down a bit more?
    Right now they are like kamikazee bombers but they can hit repeatedly!
    I need to make some sort of "screen" or "flap" around the edges of the doorway to the trailer, as they squeeze their way in and build nests...always near the door on the ceiling. Nasty things! I now have to buy more WD-40 and hornet/wasp/yellow jacket jet spray, to even get close...They will attack even IF I try to get into my travel trailer, 20 feet away!
    I was thinking I'd drive up about 20-25 feet away and do some pellet gun target practice...shooting the "guards" off the roof and around the door!
    But I have to OPEN a window to do that and they will attack. Last time they even came thru the roof vent on top of the van to get to me! I fixed that with a large hose clamp and some wire screen!
    What I'd like to do, is to find is a way to deter them from coming around....there are a lot of them up there and they are more than just a nuisance now. Maybe a bait system....I tried some Mountain Dew bottles with funnels ( one-way) screen inserts, with the bottle 1/4 filled with Mountain Dew. They love that stuff....BUT they got wise really quick after they see the dead ones floating, and they now avoid the bottle traps......
    Any ideas? I bought 2 commercial ones and all they did was draw some flies and a few bees.....I want the bees!
  4. STANGF150

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    See if theres a Bee Farmer in the area with a Full Suit that will either help ya out or loan you his Suit!!!
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  5. VisuTrac

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    Trick to keeping Yellow jackets in check is to knock down the nests early in the year when only the female is on the nest. Kill her, no nest, no big azz bunch during picnic time.

    But if you want a yellow jacket protection system. get cull apples from a nearby orchard and dump them along a route that you feel you need extra security. Give them a place to live, like an old bird house nailed to the south side of the tree. They will come back year after year.

    heaven help anyone that comes up through the orchard once the apples start falling at this AO. The pigs don't even like scarfing up apples with yellow jackets on them.
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  6. dragonfly

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    Oh VisuTrac,...I like that!
    I was wondering how I could use these critters to my advantage!
    I'm going to set about buildng a "FEW" houses just specially made and custom adapted for them monsters!
    No local bee keepers anywhere up there that I know of...yet!
    Apples huh? I'll have to see what can be done! No apple trees in the area...ANYONE here know what altitude and such apple trees like? I'm game!
    The altitude there is almost identical to Denver Colorado. About 5,200 to 5,300 ft. The weather is almost the same too! We get about a foot to 2 ft. of snow each winter and have mild the 90s and humid.
    I LOVE this!
    I get some apples, make some cider, feed the nasties, and keep them happy and prolific as perimeter guards!
    A WIN-WIN scenario!
    ( unless it gets out of control!)
  7. BTPost

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    Dragonfly, get ahold of the Aridzonia State Extension Service.... they can give you more info on what apples, and fruits, will grow in your location, that anyone else in the region. State Extension Services are wonderful resources that many folks never heard of....
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  8. dragonfly

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    Sounds like a PLAN!
    I'll do it!
    Thanks BT!
  9. Tikka

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    I get nests of southern yellow jackets. Although great as sentries; they are absolutely terrible as neighbors. :D
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  10. Yoldering

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    When I was a kid I got swarmed by some of those...I don't remember a lot of it, but I do remember I was in pain for a long time! I try to stay away from anything that has the slightest resemblance to them...
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  11. scrapman21009

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    I live on the water and often have fisherman trespassing. well this year I volenteered my land to a local beekeeper to outsouce some of his beeboxes onwith the conditon he put them near the fishing areas. Not only did it solve my trespassing prob, but I get some free honey from him at the end of the season as well
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