New software scans your social media. Are You a Threat?

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by pearlselby, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. pearlselby

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  2. stg58

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    Very odd I never get any friend requests no one sends me tweets and no instagram activity for me.

    Oh wait I avoid "social media" like the plague.
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  3. Altoidfishfins

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    Don't hang out there, never have, not about to start.
    Couldn't figure out why anyone would want to expose virtually every aspect of their lives for the world to see. It's none of their g-d damn business.
  4. pearlselby

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    I quit trying to warn people. It is like a drug to some.
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  5. chimo

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    what social media?
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  6. Motomom34

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    I am not sure I agree with the theory in the second article but it was an interesting read. I do not think it matters- FB, twitter, whatever. You go on line, you get tracked.
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  7. Mindgrinder

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  8. Tully Mars

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    Agree @Motomom34. I don't facebook but Sass does.She keeps up with the locals that she went to school with,ect. I'll admit it has come in handy a few times, but it's just not my thing. While we don't believe it spilling our guts online, if the PTB feel they need to know something about me, they'll know it. Nothing I can do about it now short of moving into a cave, and not even then if someone is determined.

    That's what cracks me up about people worried about "the list". Oh God, don't do that or you'll be on "THE LIST". I've owned a registered firearm since I was 18.I had CCW's in half a dozen states. I've collected NFA type weapons. I've worked on several government installations. Sass has owned firearms and has been a nurse for 20+ years. I think its safe to say there is no question about us being in a data file(s)

    I've no doubt that even here there is a member or two that keeps a running file on members based on what they have posted. ;)
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  9. GOG

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    Big Brother is everywhere and has been for a long time. If the feebs want you they've got you.
  10. chimo

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    In my best Boss voice....

    he's makin a list, he's checkin it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty or nice,
    Uncle Sugar's comin' to town
    Uncle Sugar's comin' to town
    Uncle Sugar's comingggg toooo town!
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  11. pearlselby

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    You really think so, here?

    LOL @chimo...that song cracked me up.
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  12. Scott Barrett

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    It's possible. Unless you personally know everyone on this forum and know without a doubt they are not a .gov plant then you have to assume that they are watching us.(especially us) You have to believe that big brother considers everyone that won't drink the koolaid to be a threat.
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  13. Airtime

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    You might consider the possibility that maybe less concerning than a .gov plant is a liberal self-appointed plant that digests the contents posted here in the worst possible way and packages that up as terror threats he funnels to the local fusion center. Same person that also moonlights as the self appointed rule enforcer for their home owners association. (Read awhile back some guy near Louisville had his fill of his HOA nazis and pumped a few rounds into them during one of their meetings. Sort of easy to understand.)

    Also consider the potential that if the search software finds absolutely nothing on you, that may actually trigger a red flag or might before long.

    Have fun. (stirring is sometimes fun)
  14. VisuTrac

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    Assume that all data that goes over the wire is collected and stored somewhere.
    Granted if you use encryption or better yet obfuscation plus encryption, they won't be able to break it now, but maybe in the future the will be able to .

    for now, be mindful that if you are sending clear text. It's probably captured and being sliced and diced and stored.

    You remember that drunk text you sent joking about wanting to blow something up 5 years ago at New Years? Yeah, they got it. They'll only use it to build a case against you if they need/want to. Heaven forbid you run for government office, can you say intstablackmail minion?
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  15. Tully Mars

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    I do.
    Maybe it's one of the types given above, or maybe it's just a person that feels he's above everyone else and has a secret "I must know everything" hangup. Makes them feel important. I've met a couple of folks like that over the years. As long as we're all just names on a forum one will never know...;)
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  16. pearlselby

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    Thank you @Scott Barrett, @Airtime, @ VisuTrac, @Tully Mars. I appreciate all the info. I do understand what you are saying. Again, Thank you.

    Tully Mars, I am ok with lists, but, it is what they do with them. Airtime, liberal a_s playing the shell game and like you say self-appointed. I saw a lot of that on another site. A couple did not like what I had to post on Monsanto. So, I called them the Monsanto mafia. One said I hurt his feelings. That is the way it was headed. You try to have a discussion about something and bam! It is like turning a light on and the naysayers all come out to blast you. They argue, change the narrative, anything to get off the subject real people were trying to discuss. Usually, the thread would end. Mission accomplished. A couple of them had duties on the site. I have not seen that here at all. A few disagreements, but, very civil and respectful. I really like that. We have a lot of educated people that love sharing their knowledge. Book smart and horse sense smart.
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  17. chimo

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    You never did return the information request form I sent you. Was it too personal....or is it just that you don't have any credit cards or co-conspirators trying to overthrow the government? :whistle:
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  18. Tully Mars

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    I live in the buckle of the bible belt, we gots plenty 'o conspirators:D
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