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    I just released a new song on iTunes and Reverbnation called Five Miles to Fifty-six. Fifty-six is a small community near Blanchard Springs, Arkansas where a friend on mine has hosted a music festival every September for the past 29 years. I have added the option to download the .wav on iTunes and the mp3 on Reverbnation for a whopping $1.29. I do usually charge money to download my songs, preferring to share them with anyone that will listen. This song is classified as americana rather than the progressive rock or country that I usually write. I played all the instruments so no-one else gets any mention. I am dedicating this song to one of my oldest and dearest friends, George Kunkle. George co-wrote the Neil Diamond hit, Sweet Caroline. He is retired and living near Mamoth Springs, Mo.. George has been battling lung cancer and thought he had it beat but they just discovered another walnut sized tumor on the upper lobe of one of his lungs, He is again undergoing chemo and the expense of driving each day to the treatment facility is difficult on their fixed income. I have sent what I can afford to help them out with the travel expenses and I am donating the proceeds from this song to them to help. Listen as much as you want, it doesn't cost anything to stream and if you like the song, buy a download and help a friend. God Bless.
    Five Miles to Fifty-six by Mississippi River Crooks | ReverbNation
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    Hey, Seacowboys I could not get the link to work. Thank you for the story and I will pray for your friend, George Kunkle.
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    The following was written by my bride, Angel Rhodes-Kaplan: We lost my amazing Uncle George last night. He had a long battle with cancer but he never let it get him down. During one chemo visit when all the people in the waiting room were looking very glum and down, he started singing "You Are My Sunshine" and he got everyone to join in... By the time he was called into the office he had them all smiling... That is just the way Uncle George was... He loved to entertain people and make them smile... He started playing the guitar and singing as a young boy, he played with many big names including Elvis, Bobby Darin and Neil Diamond. He also co-wrote Sweet Caroline with Neil Diamond. Uncle George played his last concert for us on Sunday December 4th with my dad. Every year Uncle George and my dad would put on a great show for family and friends... The video is of Uncle George singing Sweet Caroline for the last time. It was a special evening that I will always treasure... The song starts at about the 3 minute mark.... But family members will want to see the whole thing...I love you and will miss you Uncle George... We all will...If you would like to see the video, click on the following: JD Kaplan | Facebook
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    I was so sorry to hear that George is on this new journey. He was an amazing talent and I know he was loved and will be missed by many.
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    Please tell Bettye that our love and prayers are with her. God Bless.
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