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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Seacowboys

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    I have recently been noting more and more that our government, particularly the Department of Homeland Security, has tried to foist the label of Domestic Terrorist on people that are out-spoken about the Constitution. I see more and more mention of what to look for in Domestic Terrorism that sounds remarkably like they are talking about you and me.
    I never see any mention of the new terrorist and they are here and they are real. They wear black masks to disguise their identity. They throw grenades through your windows in the middle of the night, kill your dog, break down your door and rush into your house with automatic weapons. They throw you to the floor and bind you with handcuffs and manacles; not just you, but your wife and kids, and anyone else in the house. Then they tear apart your house searching for weapons or contraband. Sometimes, they get the wrong house but they have basically sovereign immunity and at best, you will get an apology letter and possibly some financial renumeration, but the terror will always remain. If you defend yourself, family and possessions, you will be seriously out-gunned and facing highly trained terrorist, schooled in the most modern techniques and weaponry supplied by our own government, to meet any possible opposition.
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    Don't forget that if they find something they don't like, they'll kidnap you and hold you for ransom.
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    If you F-up in your job who is responsible ? YOU. If a JANITOR F-up in his job who is responsible to make it right ? The janitor.

    Not right that cops are not held to the same standards as janitors or the 14yo kid working at MacDonalds. I guess we expect more profetionalism and responsibility (civil liability) from 14yo fast food workers than cops.
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    Could not agree more. If they can't do the job right then they should not be doing it at all.

  5. Seacowboys

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    That's a good point and we need to weed out the psycho-cops. Police should be held to a much higher standard of punishment when they abuse their position, but they should be equally recognized for doing their jobs well. I do not believe we need nearly as many police as we have.
  6. Brokor

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    I agree. We need to first downsize our police forces, and drastically -before we begin to talk about all the problems with having corrupt police and brutal police and homicidal police.

    The United States is a republic. The People should be expected to defend themselves and to call upon a town militia when necessary. Modern day police are only ancient day oppressors, subverting justice and freedom in the same old ways, taking direction and assuming authority from a tyranous form of government. It is true that the People themselves created this problem...and if it becomes too late to end this through legal channels in a peaceable manner -the results may ultimately be too disasterous to think of.

    More individuals need to work within their local channels and use the small pockets of "good" law enforcement to help them in their struggle. By attending public meetings and councils, and by forcing the issue wherever they live, these people of America can at least make a dent in the machine and possibly stall the inevitable police state takeover long enough to gain proper support for small change in phases. The more LEO support on their side, the better it will be, because right now the American Public is divided. Law Enforcement Personnel are still civilians, and their judgement is only clouded by repetition -all that is required is a break in the pattern.
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