New third world country?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tempstar, Nov 10, 2016.

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    I watched with both dismay and a chuckle at the news last night. First I watched a shocked and devastated Hitlery, whom you could tell thought she had the election in the bag, face up to her supporters. Later I watched as demonstrators took to the streets, at one point burning an effigy of our new President. Soooo, the kum-by-ya singing peacenik liberals who thought deplorable Trump voters would destroy the country decided to do it themselves? The footage looked just like some out-of-control third world country protesting the new dictator. We're Americans and we don't act this way. I have zero belief that if Hitlery had won that the Trump supporters would have carried on this way. To me, all of the protests and the talking heads and celebrities bashing the new President before he even takes office is a sign we did the right thing to save the United States from its downward spiral into a corrupt third world sh*thole.
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    I was watching the protests on line and these people are very angry and very uneducated. I heard one kid suggest that we should impeach Trump. I do not even know if that is an option. I realize that these kids are depressed. We have groups and celebs stoking the fires but we need to get these kids settled down.We need to remember that this generation was raised receiving what they want and Mommy and Daddy usually fixed everything for them.

    Now to play devils advocate....... [​IMG]

    What did we say if Hillary was elected? How many stocked up? How many said this will probably be civil war? There was speculation that Obama was bad but our world as we knew it would be over if Hillary is elected. So are these young protestors really any different in their feelings? How many here said Obama is not my president?
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    ** do not combine my posts

    This is what this thread is about. Some are calling them the cupcake nation. But this girl stated- there will be casualties on both sides. She is worried about families being split.

    What I do not understand is why they are blaming the politicians.
    Here is a story:

    I know a guy that was here illegally. He had a good job, married an American and they had a child. This guy, though he had a low education, knew he wanted to always be in America for his child and wife. He spoke to the owners of the company and said he wanted to get legal, asking if they would hold his job while he went back to Mexico to get his paperwork straight and become a citizen of the United States. This guy was gone for almost a year. They would occasionally call the employer and let them know what was going on. This man is now a legal citizen of the United States. He no longer fears deportation and can proudly say he is an American.

    That girl up in the video is worried about families being split apart. I ask why did her family and others not take steps to live out of the shadows and become citizens? It is interesting that these parents never took steps to do what they could to make sure they would be with their children.
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    @Motomom34 There is a BIG difference between people that stock up on food and ammo to ensure safety for family and friends if Hillary was elected and things went sideways than people rioting in the streets, burning cars and garbage, beating those that disagree... Frankly, we are talking apples and oranges.

    Do you believe for one second that if Hillary was elected we would be in the streets doing the same thing? I do not. Now what exactly do they want? A new president? Sorry that goes against the law of the land as does people that come here illegally. So, are these people that will be separated from their families are to blame and only them because they chose to perform an illegal act. Do I feel sorry for them? A bit. But, not enough to let them stay under amnesty. I do blame the politicians that let this go on for so long making the problem worse instead of better.

    The cupcakes (love this handle) are about to learn a very harsh lesson about life and America. You are responsible for your actions under a country that lives under the rule of law.
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    that video reminds me of black lynchings.... why does the african american community think they are superior? they are doing what was done to their ancestors and they are doing the same thing to each other. What's wrong with these ppl?
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    Sad state of affairs and sooner or later the I am owed everything crowd and the I will earn my own way crowd are going to violently clash. I remember being at a buffet a few days after Obama won his first term, a large group of black folks came in and went to the front of the line and cut in front of everyone else. Being the ass that I am I walked up to them and said excuse me but the back of the line is over there. They went nuts on me verbally the one comment that has stood out in my mind from that event was one woman that said "We rule this Mother F'R now you take your ass to the back of the bus" The cashier asked them to move to the back of the line, manager appeared and after learning of the problem went ahead and let them proceeed and apologized "But it is best to avoid a scene and conflict." I and my wife simply left and it was on the evening news that the group had to be removed by the police after instigating several altercations with other customers.

    That is the mindset I am seeing in these protesters only instead of feeling in control and asserting their dominance, they feel slighted and would rather destroy the Nation than adhere to rule of law. We very well could be witnessing the start to a civil war, every protest and act of violence of a fair and legal election, goes against the peaceful transition of power from a sitting President to the President Elect. There is nothing to be gained in these protest, except for a eventual push back and that push back could very well be the trigger to all out conflict. Fortunately the progressives don't believe in guns :)
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    The thought crossed my mind that the protests in some if these cities are probably very similar to the reactions of many southerners when Lincoln was elected. Perhaps we should supply them with some confederate battle flags?

    Dangerously incorrect my friend...they don't believe in guns - for anyone other than themselves and their hired thugs. ;)
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    five people were shot in seattle last night last I heard they were not sure if it was related to the protest that just went by or not I don't remember republicans doing this shit whith the last election wtf

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    No we would not be taking to the streets and spray painting buildings, but I bet there would be a run on guns and ammo. Remember how it was when Obama was elected? I think it took a week for a background check to go through. Plus many would be buying ammo by the pallet.

    That is so odd that people think that. I know progressives and they own guns, lots of guns. Some progressives are very 2A, they just do not advertise it.
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    Thats funny I know only handful that own guns and not very proficient with them :) Most around here start getting sick and covering their ears if you even mention the G word and will preach for hours on end that even if the 2A means what I think it means it needs to be rewritten to exclude private ownership of any fire arms other than low capacity shot guns strictly for hunting. One nut job even suggest Community gun vaults where private owned fire arms would have to be stored and signed out to go hunting. You are correct the few that do own guns do not advert it, they would be shunned by their peers.
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    Perhaps in your neck of the woods, different story around here. But there are very few progressives in Southern IL. other than little pockets where they cry about how backwards every one surrounding them is.
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    Everyone in my neighborhood OWNS Firearms, without exception.... About half, carry, when they leave their Cabins, for ANY.Reason. The other half, carry, when there is a need. We are split 50/50 on Liberal/Conservative persuasions.... I think that It is more a City/Country/Bush thing, than a Political thing.
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    I think it is so funny that all these film stars are crying, and tweeting and texting and etc., "Fight! Fight! Fight!" But, where are they? Back in their $10 million mansion surrounded by body guards sipping a cool one..... Wouldn't it be funny if they started the war by fanning the fans? LOL!

    I think this is so ridiculous. MSN had an article with words from a 17-year old boy - from someone that doesn't pay taxes and isn't old enough to vote! And, I am suppose to take this reporting seriously?!?!
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    There seems to be a different dynamic in the big cities, and after watching a lot of footage today and seeing a few black lives matter signs, I think the crap was staged by someone (Soros?).
    And no, we wouldn't have done the same had the Hag won, but we would have stocked up against what she may have done.

    You know, it dawned on me watching Hitlery make her losing speech, with Tim Caine in the background almost in tears, and the camera panning around her followers, that THEY ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA! This country was just fine until all of this liberal handout BS started in the 60's. Ya know, back when you worked for what you had and was ashamed to take a handout. To hell with these people. Here's hoping Trump makes their fricking lives miserable, at least as miserable as they make mine when I see how much comes out of my check to keep them up.
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    Cupcakes will need a few kicks in the A$$ to get them off there butts .Kids in school need to be UN-Brainwashed & become a part of the working country family again.
    RULES are needed again, phones not allowed in Class & if the teacher wacks you !! YOU the WACKED KID is in fault & trouble .

    I can NOT believe some of the tongue lip I have heard in schools ( I NO longer look for apprentices till tech schools & then they are trained incorrectly & figure they know it all ) WE have a screwed up 1995-1999 to date lost MIND set of teaching ..

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    the scariest thing in the world is - a frightened mob...

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    @DKR is very correct. We may have won the election but IT is just beginning. Record number of death threats are being posted on social media towards President elect Trump. People have taken to the streets in protest. Some have displayed the behavior that any pro-Trump person is a target. Do not think because you carry that you are safe. Many of you have children and some have no issue preying on the innocent.

    Video One- this could be you Bad Language********************

    Video Two- this is sickening. It infuriates me. This is a mother angry at her child for voting Trump. This is a no tolerance issue we are seeing. Like North vs. South, the bad is brewing.

    We all stocked up on guns and ammo during the Obama time in office. I think now is the time that people step it up. We have a country divided and these people are scared and angry. Caution is advised, stay alert and please continue to prep and be prepared because it is less then a week since election and you see how swiftly things have deteriorated.
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    One of these YAHOO Liberal Protester types, is going to run up against a CCW Trump Supporter, who is going to Defend Himself, by BLOWING said Liberal into the Next Century... and THAT will stop a lot of this type of BS, REAL QUICK....
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