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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SB21, Jun 15, 2017.

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    I read about a new Tick virus spreading this year. It's called Powassen Virus . I don't know how to post links so just look it up, and take precautions. I've already had 2 ticks barely attached to me this year. I don't usually worry about it, but with my aging body, I may look into some precautions. Stay safe out there.
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    Righthand is a tick magnet, if they got it, she's gonna catch it!
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    LOL and they follow me where ever I go!
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    I am NOT going to name the tick --- :sneaky:
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    I have noticed the fleas have been really bad this year, last year was bad, this year looks worse. We started treatment early and so far so good! I hate the idea of having to use internal and external medical treatments, but the natural methods are not working any more! If any one has any recommendations, PLEASE, I could use all the help I can get, I really hate internal stuff ( unless it's all natural) and poisons externally really bother me, If I wouldn't use it on my own body, imagine what effect it can have on our four legged buddies!!!! We don't usually get ticks until late summer, but last year they were pretty bad!!! Never did find one latched on with ether doggy, but they were in the fur trying to dig in. Helps both dogs have thick double coats and love to swim!!!
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    I've heard some stuff called Diatamachous Earth works for fleas. Not sure if that's spelled right. Sevin dust works also, you can treat your yard with it also. I did a little research on that Earth stuff, and for fleas they say it gets into the joints of the fleas and it eats them up. I think it's like very finely crushed glass, and it feels more like a powder. Now, when I was searching this stuff, I also found somewhere that said Cornstarch would basically do the same thing. I'm not sure how it works for ticks, but I was told by a friend the Earth stuff worked for the fleas. Good luck.
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    Control Fleas, Ticks in Yard | Control Dog, Cat Fleas | petMD

    The article also says diatomaceous earth can be used on the lawn. This may be easier because I have no clue where you would get nematodes.
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    I have tried the diatomaceous before and had limited results, mostly just a great big mess in the house with the dogs holding so much of it in the fur. What is really bothering me is that in all the years past, the natural repellents worked very well ( especially the Ceder oil ) and the dogs didn't have any problems at all. Now it seems that no matter what I use, it doesn't work at all. I finally had both dogs blood tested and they were put on Trifexicen internally and Front Line externally, plus we bombed the house and I sprayed the entire area that the dogs can access. It's working, BUT, this is way more then I have ever had to do before, and like I said, I hate chemicals!
  10. enloopious

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    • Use Essential Oils.
    • Apply Diatomaceous Earth.
    • Buy Nematodes.
    • Get Chickens.
    • Eat Garlic.
    • Stay on Top of Your Yard Work.
    • Keep Mice and Deer Out of Your Yard.
  11. Brokor

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    It probably would, but it won't be fun to use on a pet. I do like to use DE quite a bit for other things, though.
    More info:
    diatomaceous earth | Survival Monkey Forums
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    I also use diatomaceous earth in combating slugs. Diatomaceous earth is actually a
    siliceous sedimentary rock that has an abrasive characteristic. I put a band of this around my flower beds through which the slugs have the crawl to get to their goal. It kills about 70%
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    There say that essential oils can be toxic to dogs. I read an article on that so use caution.
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