New to off the grid living.

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by D1RICH1, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. D1RICH1

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    Hello Everyone. I'm really interested in Off the Grid living. Any advice on good places to start is appreciated.
  2. BTPost

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    Well, what would you like to know? Momma and I, have lived Off-Grid since 1991, far out in the alaskan bush. We generate all our own power. Nearest grid is 250 miles away. ......
  3. CATO

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    There are a number of books on Amazon detailing off-grid living. If you have a Kindle, some are free (or almost free - $1.99).

    If you are a deeply entrenched Christian, check out Michael Bunker's book about the topic. If you are not, then you may find him to be proselytizing a bit too much. He has some interesting viewpoints nonetheless.

    You can have a look-see here: Surviving Off Off-Grid by Michael Bunker | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself
  4. Nadja

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    My wife and I have lived off grid on solar and wind for a little over 16 years. What would you like to know ?
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