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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BadSCR, May 19, 2009.

  1. BadSCR

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    I just got a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS (STD) 4.2in barrel.

    I have a few questions about storage and springs. [dunno] is the manual
    (I will be leaving the chamber empty at all times)

    Will it harm the magazine clip (17 rounds) If I keep it loaded for long term?

    The manual (page 7) says "Dry firing is bad for this firearm, whether the hammer block is engaged or not.";
    So, Will it harm the gun if I leave it cocked?
    Does this include the decocker?

  2. tacmotusn

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    I will try to answer most of your questions IMO. If the magazine capacity is 17, then 12 or 13 rounds kept in it for long term ready storage should not adversely weaken the magazine spring. If you want to dry fire this weapon while maintaining a proper sight picture to better familiarize yourself with the weapon so as to not waste costly ammo "snap caps" are available for most popular calibers like 9mm, 45cal etc. These will protect the gun from most any dry fire damage that could possibly occur. With a completely unloaded weapon that for some reason is cocked, the decocking feature of the safety may be used to decock the weapon. This is not considered dry firing. What is the primary function of this firearm? Is it for self defense? Is it your only pistol? Are there any children, or immature childish roommates on the premisses where the firearm is stored? Are you planning on using the locking security feature? The reasons for my questions are multifold. If you live alone in a high crime area, or otherwise have real threats, then I question why you would not have a round in the chamber as well as 12 rounds in the magazine. BUT, if you have children or others who can not be trusted around loaded weapons, I fully understand why you might not be able to keep it fully loaded and ready for use. How you deal with that problem is only yours and yours alone to deal with. My feelings are that if a firearm is needed, the bad guys are not going to give you a "time out", no matter how stressed you may be, so that you can get your weapon ready for the gunfight. My gun room is off limits to all children, all the time. There is a good lock on the door, and I have the only key. I lock that room when no-one is home. If I leave the house with a responsible adult in house, I leave the key with that adult. but lock the door. I hope this helps. If this is your first and only pistol.... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE SOME MORE !!! Good luck.
  3. BadSCR

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    The primary function of this firearm is for self defense and practice. It is my only pistol. If I can run, I will run. A good run beats a bad stand any day.

    There are no children on the premisses.

    I am keeping the firearm and clips on the night stand beside the bed.

    I do not plan on using the locking security feature, in the event that it may be used, it would be too cumbersome.

    The way I was rased around firearms, I am not comfortable with a round in the chamber, It only takes a split second to rack the slide.

    Thanks, for your reply.
  4. WestPointMAG

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    A magazine can be fully loaded for 50+ and never harm the spring, what weakens the spring is loading and unloading the mag.

    What good is a fire arm if it is not loaded, if there is not a round in the chamber then it is not loaded but remember firearms are loaded even if they are not.

    Get you some snap caps and dry fire away tell your hart is content.

    If you have little ones in the house show them the fire arm and tell them they are not to touch it, then set it in the Coffee table and watch. The first one that touches it walk over to the child pick him/her up reposition there pants around there ankles and proceed to turn there bottom a nice bright pink with your hand.
  5. RouteClearance

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    That is what I have also come across regarding mag springs. I have heard but not wittnessed first hand accounts of fully loaded G.I. 45 mags working flawlessly after being discovered in homes of WWII vets after they have passed on. God only knows how long they were kept or even forgotten about throughout the years.
  6. tacmotusn

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    I have been there, and done that. Still a curious 2 year old managed to get my 9mm Ruger out of a leather carry holster with thumb snap, got the safety lever off, and fired a round through the second story outer wall, throught the neighbors second story upper wall, and came to rest in an inner wall stud. I had to answer to the local police as well as my neighbors. No one was injured and I paid for the repairs. That 2 year old was very lucky to be alive, and scared to death. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He had his butt pink as described above. He normally was a fast learner, and seldom repeated actions which got his butt fanned. We set no bad examples with regard to handling of guns. I was lucky. He was lucky. BUT DUE TO MY PRIOR EXPERIENCE, I WOULD NEVER RELY ON ADVICE AS YOU GAVE ABOVE. A PREVENTABLE ACCIDENTAL DEATH WOULD BE A LIVING HELL TO CARRY. No way could a truely young toddler "rack the slide" on my primary house defense pistol. Any older children in house know "right and wrong" and are trained in fire arms use, safety, and marksmanship. Having and "empty chamber" on an semi-auto is no big impediment to getting it into action, if neccessary for young child safety. Having no children in house, I prefer my firearms for ready home defense be fully ready to get the job done, thus one in the chamber.
  7. BadSCR

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    Can I use the solvent for my shotty for the pistol?
    I have a cleaning kit for the shotty but not the pistol, could I use it?

    I have grownup around firearms (40+ Rifles, 3 pistols) for about 70% of my life. I follow the safety rules, even if I have the gun apart for cleaning. I would clean the Rifles every few months.

    I (8 years old) got over being afraid of being outside at night by my grandfather giving me a fully loaded revolver. He only did that because he knows that I could handle it safely.

    I am 24 right now.
  8. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Gun bore solvent is gun bore solvent! I see no reason not to use what you use on your shotgun to clean your pistol. Personally, i use "Break Free" CLP (cleaner, lubricant, preservative). The U.S. Navy uses it for everything from small arms, machine guns, to 5 inch Main Battery Guns. To each his own. You need the right size bore brush etc for your pistol. your shotgun stuff won't do.
  9. ghrit

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    Since the dawn of firearms, folks have been "making do" with less than ideal tools for maintenance. Lots of guns have been melted down because poor maintenance made them useless. After plunking down the bux for a decent pistol, it seems to me a bit chintzy to try getting by on the cheap for maintenance. Go buy the kit, or at least the right size ends and a rod that won't have you long stroking.

    Your scheme of not loading will work for you until you get over the nervousness of loaded guns lying around. A few months of that, and you can load one in the chamber and leave it around on safe, more or less comfortably. Caveat: ALWAYS LYING IN THE SAME PLACE AND SAME ORIENTATION!! And never when you are not at home. Carry it or lock it up. This does NOT apply if there are children around, no matter how reliable they seem to be. With kids and curiosity, there is no substitute for locking it up. This includes visits by neighbors, nieces and nephews since you've none of your own yet.

    I have no experience with Taurus, exactly none. But with the others, I've found that breakin is really, really necessary, the more so for semi autos. Haul it to the range and stuff a few hundred rounds down the tube before you rely on it. Use several different loads, your pistol may not like one or another, and love something else.

    Get at least three dummy rounds, too, you can practice inside with them including racking the pistol to chamber a round. That will teach you just how much fumbling you need to go thru to load and fire from a mag on the table to one in the chamber ready to shoot. It takes time, and figure on fumbling big time if you get woke up at 2AM.

    So far as springs go, I wouldn't obsess over them too much. That question has been flogged from time immemorial, and things good and bad have been experienced. You cannot know what metallurgy went into the builds. Modern means and methods of spring making usually results in good spring life. For what it is worth, my mags (not CLIPS) are all loaded one below max. I've found that feeding the first is the least reliable from a full mag.

    All this by way of reinforcing the other guy's advice.

    Go shooting. Today. And good luck with the new lady in the house. Obey her wishes and wants, you'll enjoy her.
  10. BadSCR

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    I have cleaner, lubricant but no preservative.
    I just got a cleaning kit and some snap caps today.

    With good maintenance anything will last for a life time+.
    I will be treating her very well and hope she will do the same for me.

    Everything said, I agree with and reinforce.

    This Saturday I will be putting about 85 rounds down the tube.

    The lady & two mags are always LYING IN THE SAME PLACE AND SAME ORIENTATION; And when I am not at home it is kept in a safe. There will be a lock on my bedroom door too.
    One mag is full metal and the other is hollow point.
  11. RouteClearance

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    I would not really worry about a preservative unless you were in a high humid/very wet environment. A light coat of your basic lubricating oil will also act as your preservative against rust, but I do stress (A Light Coat) over all metal surfaces will suffice for a night stand defensive weapon.

    As an added tip on cleaning the bore itself. You don't have to be metaculis with bore cleaning unless you fire alot of lead bullets. I was that way years ago and I found that you will spend alot of time removing all traces of copper and powder fouling. After shooting over 500 rounds in just one afternoon can make metaculis bore cleaning a chore. I just run a wet patch/bore brush/ through just a couple of times and follow with a light coat of oil, then on to reloading to repeat the process for the next range session.
  12. BadSCR

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    Thanks, I am very meticulous about cleaning and lubricating.
  13. Tracy

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    I disagree.

    Forbidden fruit is the most attractive fruit in the bowl.
  14. BadSCR

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    My grand-pa and dad went the knowledge route with me. They also took the curiosity about it.
    They showed me it and explained the dangers. Then taught me how to safely handle and shoot a firearm.
    I never touched a firearm without there permission.

    This is one of the things they told me, "This gun has the power to change/take two or more lives in less than one second along with yours"

    They got me a modified pellet gun. I remember the first thing I ended. It was a little bird, I thought it was a leaf at the top of a big old tree. It was tragic, I did not mean to do it, I thought it was a leaf.
  15. WestPointMAG

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