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    Hello all! I'm new to the forum. From Indiana. Although I have a fair amount of survival training, I'm not by any means a survival expert. I'm here to learn and possibly contribute when I can.

    Question: I need suggestions for an EDC knife. I don't necessarily need a fighting knife, although if it comes to that, it comes to that. Typically when I'm not at work I carry at least one firearm. As an Eagle Scout, I've carried a pocket knife basically my whole life. Usually I carry a cheap knife I'll pick up somewhere until it falls apart and then get another one. I would like to get something nicer that will last a while. Usually I will wear khakis or scrubs to work, depending on which job I'm at (I'm a registered nurse and a clinical informatics consultant). Any recommendations? Budget is under $150. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I don't have the clothing restrictions you have, so what I carry may not work for you. But I carry a Buck 110 folder in a nylon carry case.
    I also carry a small three blade congress. Bought it at a flea market for $10 No brand name that I've seen, but takes and holds an edge well
  4. ghrit

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    Check out the Hinderers. Link is on the front page before you log in. Pricy, but arguably worth it.
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    I read a book called, The Twilight's Last Gleaming: On Your Own in America, Nathan L. Combs. There was a whole chapter plus on knives, more in-depth then I liked but if you like knives he had pretty well thought out suggestions as to what to get for what purpose.
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    Hip Pock-Its Utility Holster larger version
    These guys make good pouches. I am wearing one of their AA flashlight holsters, with sleeves for a spare pair of batteries.
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  8. Alpha Dog

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    CRKT knive are well made not over priced hold a good edge and they have multiple knives to choose from. With multiple options you can pick what fits your daily need. I have had the CRKT M-16 for over five years and still carry it everyday on duty and off.

    I use to carry one of the first S&W tactical folding knives but when I went to replace it the S&W line has got cheap made over time
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  9. KAS

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    im in texas rite now and thses boys swear by case knives
  10. ghrit

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    Just because. There is a local knifing that was done with a "military style" K-Bar. Get 'em while you can. (Mine dates from the Korean Police action.)
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    1031-ec1bfd99cfa56dd1257325fcea3f59de. 1030-c3a412324785320d293e1b7269d78ef6. The sheath knife for hunting, the folder for EDC.;)
  13. STANGF150

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    I carry a CRKT Hammond Cruiser. Got it at Flea Market guy sells knives. Liked it alot & when I learned it was discontinued I went back & bought 2 more. Sharpens nicely, holds a good edge, & was only $20-25 each.
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    hi, i'm a new comer here too, when i see your thread, i came in here at once, coincidently, i worked as a industrial tools salesman for many years, maybe you will get some information from our website.
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    Welcome to the Monkey @Harriet01 ... grab a branch and hang a while!!!!
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    Welcome Harriet, enjoy your stay!
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