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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Aug 3, 2008.

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    I would love to see one of those mass-law-suit advertisements from some mass Torte firms that goes something like: huh? Have you or a loved one suffered irreversible hearing loss from gun-shots that could have been prevented by the uses of a simple noise-suppressing device? In 1934, the US government began taxing and making an unnecessarily complicated procedure to prevent you, the citizen of a free country, from purchasing and owning simple commonly available devices that could have prevented the loss of your valuable hearing. The US government has arbitrarily enforced this dangerous precedent in-spite of passing hearing protection laws in almost every other facet of life related to work or recreational activities. If you or a loved one has experienced damage to your hearing as a result of loud firearms discharge, call the law offices of Skrewem, Relbad, and Nowe at 1-800-upyours
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    Would be nice, and I would have to be on the phone for that one.
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    That was GREAT!!! Let's just find a s-head lawyer that wants to go along with it.
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    There actually is a bill before the house called some kind of "Hearing Protection" act that removes silencers from the NFA as a "Firearm" as they are presently classified to an AOW ($5.00 transfer tax but still requires the paper-work).
    If this passes, what are the odds that some greedy King of Tortes doesn't fire up the money-mill? My hearing sucks and I know most of that comes from too many bangs.
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